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Check out this sneaky NYPD cop car disguised as a yellow cab

Posted Feb 26th 2013 7:55PM


That's no ordinary New York City yellow taxi in the image above; it's a police cruiser for the New York City Police Department dressed up like an NYC yellow taxi. Captured in a short video on a Manhattan street corner, it is escorting an NYPD van behind it.

They don't just use Crown Vics, either: NYC The Blog has video from two years ago of a motorist being pulled over by a Nissan Altima taxi. The blog also lets you know how to tell an undercover police cab from a proper taxi by comparing the license plate number to the medallion number on the cab's roof – not that it would do you any good in your rearview mirror, though.

When the post was written two and a half years ago it was said that there were only eight such taxis prowling the naked city, and that their plates all began with "T800." That's not the case with the taxi in the video below, so we wouldn't be surprised if the number has grown and now there are even more people in more places keeping an eye on you.

Click here to see the sneaky cop car for yourself.

Lamborghini Factory and the Lambo Police Car


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