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Jon Stewart investigates the Russian dashcam phenomenon

Posted Feb 26th 2013 9:30AM


The streaking meteor event in Siberia last week has led Jon Stewart to spare a few minutes on The Daily Show to examine footage of the explosion 20 miles high and said to be equal to 300 kilotons of TNT.

But his real interest is asking why so many Russians were able to get the footage in the first place, i.e., why are there so many dashcams? Coincidentally, Wired asked the same question just a few days ago. Using plenty of examples to illustrate his point – akin to this, and this, and this, that we have become oh so used to – Stewart surmises that Russian roads are "A live-action Grand Theft Auto" and that "Russians in their daily lives see so much amazing [expletive] that they have become unfazeable."

You can watch his amusing take on our comrades across the Pacific in the video below.

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