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MotoGP crash camera shares dizzying onboard experience

Posted Feb 26th 2013 11:00AM


In the fast paced world of motorcycle racing, professional MotoGP riders are trained to whip around race tracks with incredible speed and accuracy. But a motorcycle crash can quickly become reality during a race, as anything from rider error to a mechanical problem could cause something unexpected to happen.

Although MotoGP riders have a reputation for amazing skills and some spectacular saves to avoid injury (click here to see what we mean), close calls and big crashes are bound to happen when you ride as hard as these guys.

To put it all in perspective, the crew at MotoGP decided to gather first-person crash footage from on board cameras used during the 2012 season to create an action packed video set to chest pounding rock soundtrack.

Click here to watch this dizzying crash video compilation straight from a Moto GP rider's point of view. It takes some serious skills to ride like these pros, so it should go without saying... please don't attempt any of this yourself.

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