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Russian mega-yacht move goes horribly wrong with three truck tractor pull

Posted Feb 27th 2013 2:30PM


In a fight with physics, several men decided to pull a massive mega-yacht from the water with three trucks - tethered in series. The experiment in towing goes horribly wrong - but not before rowdy rig behavior is caught on camera, the tractors spinning their wheels with ample wheel-hop.

It's unclear what body of pond-like water this vessel is getting pulled from - or why the proper rig was not procured for the job - but in the logic of these improvising drivers, pairing three small trucks together and going full throttle is the ideal solution. Perhaps these ill-fated truckers read our article on the comparatively diminutive Toyota Tundra successfully pulling the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

As the age-old adage goes, "You're only as strong as your weakest link." Click through to watch the weakest link during its dramatic destruction. And feel free to identify the language in the comments section below - we're unsure of the language being spoken in the video, but believe it to be Russian.

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