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Jamaican Patty-eating bus driver prompts US$100,000 lawsuit

Posted Feb 27th 2013 4:30PM

In-bus footage of Broward County bus driver eating and driving - video screencap

Most bus drivers and municipal bus trips are utterly innocuous – you don't remember either of them because nothing happens to make them worth doing so. That wasn't the case with Ursula Wilson's ride with "patty-eating bus driver" Herton Reid in Florida's Broward County.

Not only was Reid eating a Jamaican beef patty – eating while driving a bus is against the rules – he was said to be actively trying to prevent a car in another lane from getting in front of him. When Reid had to slam on the brakes, Wilson, who was standing near the front of the bus, couldn't hold on to the handle, so she fell to the floor, banging her head on the fare box. Reid then proved his disregard for passengers was no fluke when he kept on driving and lunching.

Eventually medical help was called, but it apparently wasn't able to keep Wilson from spending US$200,000 for treatment like having discs in her spine fused together. As it turns out, Reid has a troubled history with the city bus service – for instance, he broke five rules of conduct while on a supervised re-training drive with city instructors because of previous instances of bad driving, and he still wasn't fired. Since the injury, he has retired, but before going, he left Broward County – and its taxpayers – with a US$100,000 bill to settle Wilson's lawsuit.

The whole story is recapped in detail in the video below.

Lawsuit After Bus Driver Eats While Driving


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