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Top 10 worst car names of all time

Posted Mar 8th 2013 3:45PM


When it comes to naming new car products, the auto industry has had more than its fair share of careless blunders, misfortune and ridicule over the years. Need proof? Look no further than this week's Geneva Motor Show, where the uncreative named the new prancing horse the Ferrari LaFerrari (inspired by Renault's LeCar?) and the controversial Kia Provo also debuted.

As car manufacturers around the world rush to get their latest makes and models into consumer hands, it seems poor translations and slang terminology have had their way with many of their best marketing efforts.

Overcoming complex language barriers in multiple countries is no simple task, but some of the most memorable car name failures seem to be brought about by obvious mistakes or general lack of creativity spawned after a night of heavy drinking.

Click here to countdown the Top 10 worst car names of all time and learn how today's cars are often named in the video below.

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How Car Manufacturers Name Cars


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