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Couple having sex on BMW caught by Google Street View is fake, but still funny

Posted Apr 15th 2013 12:45PM


Google Street View serves two main purposes, helping people with directions and entertaining us with the funny antics its caught on camera. Just when you thought we'd probably seen it all, it looks like a rather risque Australian couple decided to take the term "fender bender" a little too far when they pretended to be caught having roadside sex on the hood of their BMW.

A passing Google Street View van snapped a photo (see above) of the two love birds in action, as reports indicate the quick thinking pranksters purposely speed past the van's camera and then pulled over up ahead to get into their provocative position in time. The uncensored picture can be seen here, but the original street view photo has since been heavily blurred on Google Maps.

Click here to watch the many funny moments and bizarre things captured by Google Street View.

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