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Monster Truck crashes and launches over barrier into the stands

Posted Aug 24th 2013 8:00PM


We love monster trucks! Who doesn't? If you're reading this and the idea of massive behemoths with a bajillion inches of suspension travel and a bajillion horsepower motors doesn't excite you, you may be on the wrong site.

Monster trucks are built for one specific purpose, to entertain the masses with maximum noise, carnage and destruction. The clip you see below is certainly no exception to the rule. It's a short video showing of one of these behemoths coming in way too hot to make the corner which results in its eventual rollover-flip into the stands.

Hats off to the race organizers to go the extra step in actually covering up the lower level seats. Had they not had the foresight to do so, it may have all ended differently as people tend to often sneak into "better" seats as soon as events start. Click here to check it out below.

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