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About Autoblog

Autoblog obsessively covers the auto industry with news, reviews, podcasts, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the automotive industry.


Mark Pereira

Senior Editor (email)

The closest comparison to Mark Pereira would likely be: the Most Interesting Man in the World, as made famous by the beer commercials. Mark is well educated, well read and is very much in tune with the automotive industry along with the trends of today.

As Autoblog Canada's Senior Editor, he doesn’t simply write about automotive subject matter, he lives it every day. His very hands-on approach and wealth of experience over the past decade in the media industry help fuel the latest content we obsessively cover at Autoblog.
Initially cutting his teeth in the world of radio and television, Mark is comfortable on either side of the lens. But after following his passion for automotive culture he quickly worked his way up to a position as Editor-in-Chief, overseeing several automotive magazine titles in Canada and the US. With his extensive knowledge of the autos space, he is an asset to our team with an unrivalled understanding of cars, motorcycles, electronics, gadgets and gaming.
His trademark style, knowledge and humour is a welcome addition to Autoblog Canada. His strong attention to detail and ability to speak on anything automotive is always wrapped up in his entertaining signature style that's tough to match.


Ronnie Fung

Associate Editor (email)

Ronnie comes to Autoblog Canada as an avid 'anything-with-a motor-n-wheels' enthusiast first and foremost. He brings with him over a decade and a half of tuning, building and racing cars / motorbikes.

His career as a freelance photographer and writer has made him a great addition to Autoblog Canada.
His ability to spin daily interactions with people, pop culture, humour, travel, irony, opinion, and the cold hard facts into his articles makes him an asset to you, the reader. His experience with the aftermarket tuning side of the industry, alongside the mainstream mass market, offers up a fresh take on modern-day automotive media.
Ronnie's likes are as follows: fastness, rock n' roll, humans, puppies, the left lane, forced induction, Japanese cars sports cars from the 80s and the 90s, V8 growl, opposite lock, race tracks, pretty pictures, vintage Fender guitars, the ability to get on an airplane and go wherever he wants, and noodles.

His dislikes are as follows: slowness, country music, "rolling coal", current Ontario speed limit laws, traffic fines and demerit points, traction control, curbs, sharp inclines, and speed bumps.
When he's not grinding away to keep the site up to date with current and breaking content for, you can find him on-location at the race track, the latest car launch, or shooting and reviewing cars and motorbikes.

In his spare time he's most likely playing a show with his band, frequenting local dining establishments or hanging out in Trinity Bellwoods Park. If he's not doing any of those things, he's most likely watching Harry Potter, Star Wars, or LOTR. Barring that, he's travelling somewhere around the world, most likely taking photos and learning something new.


Santiago Gomez

Features Editor (email)

Santiago Gomez is committed to cars, so much so that we simply had to recruit him as the newest member of our Autoblog Canada team after spotting his always-fresh RHD Nissan Silvia.

Santiago's undeniable photography skills and entertaining automotive antics have made him a great fit. This drift-loving prankster is also our main point man in the social media trenches, connected and runnin' things on twitter and facebook.

While he may still be young in age, his automotive knowledge is clearly far beyond his years. Our boy Santiago continues to prove himself as a solid addition here at Autoblog and he has the track driving chops to prove it.