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About Autoblog

Autoblog obsessively covers the auto industry with news, reviews, podcasts, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the automotive industry.


Mark Pereira

Associate Editor (email)

The closest comparison to Mark Pereira would likely be: the Most Interesting Man in the World, as made famous by a beer commercials. Mark is well educated, well read and is very much in tune with the automotive industry along with the trends of today. Mark doesn’t simply write about the subject matter, but he lives it everyday by being very hands-on and has a wealth of experience over the past decade in the media biz.
Cutting his teeth in the world of broadcast television and radio production, Mark is comfortable on either side of the lens. But after following his passion for automotive culture he quickly worked his way up to a position as Editor-in-Chief at a large car enthusiast magazine. With his extensive knowledge of the automotive space, he is an asset to our team with an unrivaled understanding of cars, motorcycles, electronics, gadgets and gaming.
His trademark style, knowledge and humour is a welcome addition to Autoblog Canada and we welcome his attention to detail (and getting the facts right) wrapped up in an entertaining package that's tough to match anywhere else.


Ronnie Fung

Features Editor (email)

Ronnie comes to Autoblog Canada as an avid 'anything-with-a motor-n-wheels' enthusiast first and foremost. He brings with him over a decade of tuning, building and racing modified cars and motorbikes. His projects often involve throwing motors into chassis that have no business playing host to them. His career as a freelance photographer and writer has led him made him a great addition to Autoblog Canada.

Ronnie's likes are as follows: fastness, rock n' roll, the left lane, forced induction, V8's, race tracks, tire machines, wheel fitment, zipties, fibreglass and tow hooks.

His dislikes are as follows: slowness, country music, the right lane, rear tire traction, traffic fines and demerit points, curbs and speed bumps.

When he's not behind the lens or managing the site, you can find him at the race track, playing a show with his band or travelling around the world for work.