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2014 Kia Cee'd GT

  • 2014 Kia Cee'd GT
  • Xcar goes analog with the Ferrari F40
  • Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience
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The most reliable cars known to last 300,000 kilometres or more

Posted Sep 18th 2014 2:57PM


Canadians drive a lot. Collectively, we average between 15,000 to 20,000 kilometres on our cars each year, according to Transport Canada. Because of this, a vehicle's ability to travel long distances without major problems or costly repair is a huge aspect to take into consideration when it comes time to purchase a new or used car. recently released its findings for the most reliable cars known to last past 300,000 kilometres or more. The study was based on a sample of used vehicles listed online ranging from 1981-2010 that have more than 300,000 kilometres on the odometer, thus seeing which models are really going the distance for their owners. The findings, which listed the top 12 vehicle models with the highest percentage of 300,000-kilometre travelers, are quite interesting. Only one car made the list, the ever-popular Honda Accord. All the rest are either trucks or SUVs.

Click here to see the top vehicles known for rolling past the 300,000 kilometre mark and still going strong. It's important to note that while these are the vehicles that have stood the test of time up until today, we can't guarantee future results if you decide to opt for one of these from a current new car model year.

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News Source: iSeeCars via AOL Autos

Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience

Posted Sep 16th 2014 12:00PM

In Which Molsheim Courts Us Like We Are Captains Of Industry

Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience

Let's say you're rich. Filthy rich – you've got cars in garages of homes you can't remember you own, rich.

As the gap between automotive haves and have-nots continues to grow, ultraluxury automakers are exploiting fresh ways to lure the sorts of well-heeled car aficionados who would rather spend their spare time shipping exotic sleds to private tracks than sitting on a beach in the Maldives.

This rarified air presents a daunting challenge to boutique carmakers attempting to distinguish themselves, especially when they're vying for attention amidst voluptuous Paganis, Koenigseggs, and Brabus G63 AMG 6x6s. When the stakes are this high and the competition this fierce, you need a novel approach to peddle your four-wheeled wares – even if you're Bugatti.

News Source: Autoblog Canada

Image Credit: Bugatti

Translogic 158: Works Electric Rover and Custom Chopper

Posted Sep 13th 2014 8:00PM

Works Electric Rover

Translogic host Jonathon Buckley heads to Portland, OR on a mission to prove that scooters aren't just a toy fad. A motorized scooter can be a viable solution to the "last mile" problem many city commuters face.

Meet the Works Electric Rover, a serious scooter made from aircraft-grade aluminum, capable of speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Jonathon chats with Works Electric CEO Brad Baker, and takes the Rover for a ride around downtown Portland. Afterward, our host gets a turn on Brad's Customer Chopper, an all-electric motorcycle born in the same garage as the Rover.

2015 Infiniti Q70L

Posted Sep 13th 2014 12:00PM

It's A Long Story...

Infiniti Q70L

A quick look at a scatter plot that charts rear legroom against luxury sedan MSRPs reveals a dearth of spacious bargains – few, if any, luxury sedans offer exceptionally spacious rear accommodations at a relatively low starting price. To fill the vacuum, Infiniti has made its Q70 available in a Q70L variant – in English, long wheelbase – for 2015.

The artist formerly known as the Infiniti M has been available in stretched-out form in the Chinese market for two years, and the North American introduction is accompanied by several updates that include slightly reworked styling cues, and refinements to the drivetrain and chassis. The Q70L's wheelbase extends 5.9 inches (with a commensurate expansion of knee room), while overall length increases to 202 inches, a 7.3-inch bump. Powertrain options include a 3.7-litre V6 which produces 330 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque (starting at US$51,350), or a 5.6-litre V8 that yields 420 hp and 417 lb-ft (and climbs to US$64,550). The long-wheelbase treatment adds US$1,500 to Q70 MSRPs. Not surprisingly, the Hybrid version is not available with the L treatment. (Canadian info/pricing has yet to be announced.)

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Basem Wasef / AOL

Mercedes-AMG GT vs. Porsche 911 [w/poll]

Posted Sep 12th 2014 8:00PM

Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz designed the AMG GT to compete head-on with the Porsche 911. It's a clear, singular purpose, and Benz brings a lot of money, technology and race-bred expertise to the fight.

The AMG GT is Merc's followup to the awesome SLS AMG, the retro-modern, gullwing-doored coupe that took us by storm half a decade ago. But this new GT coupe is a more focused sports car than the SLS, rather than an all out supercar capable of extreme performance. It's got a brand-new V8 engine, and state-of-the-art technology that help it to not only be a proper Mercedes, but to be a serious performer.

Mercedes will sell its new baby in two models. The GT S arrives first, in spring 2015, followed by the standard GT in mid-2016. Of course, there's room to grow from there. And while Porsche may have already expanded its 911 range to include a vast variety of models, here's how Stuttgart's icon stacks up against Affalterbach's bad boy.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz | Copyright 2014 AOL

Looking back at Oprah's free-car giveaway 10 years later

Posted Sep 12th 2014 1:00PM

The Cars Changed Lives, But Publicity Stunt Couldn't Save Pontiac

Oprah pontiac g6

Oprah kicked off her 19th season in dramatic fashion by giving all 276 members of the studio audience a free car.

Molly Vielweber's Pontiac G6 appears unremarkable at first glance. It wears forest green paint, rolls on five-spoke aluminum wheels, and it has a sizeable scrape in the driver's side door, the scar of a decade's worth of hard use. You wouldn't notice it parked at a big box store or cruising on the highway. Pontiac made hundreds of thousands of G6s in the 2000s, and a lot are still on the road. It's unremarkable in every way except for the front license plate, which reads, "Oprah 6."

But this is not just any G6. This car is a part of television history.

Vielweber won her G6 10 years ago at a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, when Oprah kicked off her 19th season in dramatic fashion by giving all 276 members of the studio audience a free car. It was an unprecedented stunt that changed lives, generated controversy and ultimately failed to provide enough of a marketing lift for Pontiac, which would be shuttered just over five years later.

September 13 marks the 10-year anniversary of the memorable event, which caught everyone, including audience members, by surprise. In a masterful display of showmanship, Oprah dialed up the suspense to match the enormity – and cost – of the event. First she gave away 11 cars, which would have been a landmark TV promotion by itself. But then she coyly announced: "I've got a little twist."

News Source: OWN TV via YouTube

Image Credit: Courtesy: Harpo Productions, Inc., George Burns | General Motors | Courtesy: Molly Vielweber

Canadian driver pokes fun at our politeness

Posted Sep 9th 2014 8:00PM

Canadian Pokes Fun at His Country's Politeness

Here in Canada we're often famous for our polite citizens, but there is such a thing as over-politeness. Click on the video above to watch how one man pokes fun at the habits of Canadian drivers, whose instinct is to always let the other driver go first (even if you have the right of way).

While politeness
behind the wheel is great to see instead of road rage violence, this video demonstrates how being too nice can also be infuriating at times... Especially during the morning commute.

News Source: YouTube/CharlieprojectNW, Storyful via AOL On

Reaching for glovebox isn't a suspicious act when getting pulled over, court says

Posted Sep 5th 2014 1:00PM

Police lights by night

"Such movement, standing alone, does not give rise to a reasonable belief that appellant was armed and dangerous." – Judge Stephen Yarbrough

Is reaching for the glovebox during a traffic stop suspicious? Is it reason to search a car without a warrant? An Ohio appeals court said no last month.

Naturally, it's a little more complicated than that. Here's what happened, according to court documents:

Around 3:00 AM on March 25, 2012, Toledo motorist Sherrie A. Powell nearly hit an unmarked police car filled with four detectives dressed in riot gear. Another patrol car in the area turned on its lights and siren and pulled over Powell. While this was happening, the detectives maneuvered alongside and noticed that she appeared to be reaching for the glovebox.

News Source: Getty