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Mazda Canada rolls out unlimited mileage warranty

Posted Nov 14th 2014 7:00PM

2015 Mazda6

Cold weather might be starting to grip parts of Canada, but many Mazda owner's are going to be able to drive their 2015 Mazda cars and crossovers from Vancouver to Montreal with a little more peace of mind. That's because Mazda Canada is instituting an unlimited mileage warranty for its new models.

The updated plan starts with all 2015 model year vehicles (even those already sold), and the scheme simply removes that distance limit on everything but the emissions defect coverage. That means that the Mazdas have one year of service adjustments, three years of new vehicle coverage, five years on the powertrain, seven years against corrosion and three years of roadside assistance for as many kilometers as the owner drives.

The change removes at least one, tiny piece of anxiety about buying a new vehicle because it's easy to know when the coverage ends. "By offering our customers an Unlimited Mileage Warranty, we believe it will enhance their ownership experience by alleviating concerns such as kilometre limitations, repair costs and resale value," Kory Koreeda, president of Mazda Canada, in the automaker's announcement.

Scroll down to read all of the details about Mazda's new unlimited mileage warranty coverage for Canada.

News Source: Mazda Canada

Image Credit: Mazda

Girls of SEMA photo gallery features hot models, cars and more from Las Vegas

Posted Nov 13th 2014 6:00PM

Yes, a large percentage of the estimated 200,000+ attendees at this year's 2014 SEMA Show are there for the insane cars, trucks and anything with a wheels and motor in it. However, standing right beside most of these amazing vehicles and top-notch aftermarket performance parts are dozens of equally stunning car show models.

Our annual 'Girls of SEMA' photo gallery features a number of models spotted on the show floor at various booth displays, as they descend on Las Vegas for one full week to give SEMA a flare that fans will not soon forget.

Say what you will about it, but car models and auto shows go together as often as vodka and Red Bull, especially in the city of Las Vegas. Click here to catch the newest cars and the loveliest presenters standing next to them in our 2014 Girls of SEMA photo gallery and remember to check out our Hottest Cars of SEMA 2014 right here.

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The SEMA Show Las Vegas 2008 Girls

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Taylor Robinson / AOL Image Library

The Porsche 959: Living proof the 80s Were Awesome

Posted Nov 13th 2014 1:00PM

The Porsche 959: Another Reason Why the 80s Were Awesome
If you had posters of awesome cars on your bedroom wall when you were a kid, chances are the Porsche 959 may have been amongst them. The 959 could be called Porsche's first supercar and its innovations can still be seen in modern 911s made today. So what makes this Porsche so damn special?

Click on the video above to watch as we grab the keys and find out!

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Parents angry after motorist who ran over 3-year-old has tickets dismissed [w/video]

Posted Nov 12th 2014 5:00PM

Toddler Hit by Car

A Queens, New York couple is furious after the driver who ran over and killed their three-year-old daughter last year had the two citations stemming from the incident dismissed by a judge. The family only recently learned about the lack of punishment in their little girl's death.

Three-year-old Allison Liao was crossing the street with her grandmother in Flushing, Queens, when she was struck and killed by an SUV. The tragic incident was captured by the dashcam of another nearby vehicle. According to CBS 2 New York, the perpetrator was given just two tickets for failing to use due care and failing to yield to a pedestrian. Even if found guilty, the driver would have only faced maximum fines of US$150 for each citation.

The driver may not entirely escape punishment, though. The little girl's family has filed a wrongful death suit over the tragedy. Also, according to CBS 2 New York, the DMV has scheduled a hearing for January 2015 to decide whether to pursue further action against the man's driver's license, and US Congresswoman Grace Meng has begun asking questions about the case. Click here to watch a report from CBS 2 New York with more information.

News Source: CBS 2 New York

2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

Posted Nov 11th 2014 12:00PM

Bringing The Adventure Closer To Home

2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

Motorcycle trends come and go like fashion, and the latest two-wheeled style du jour is the adventure bike. Chunky and rugged, these (sometimes) dirt-ready rides often take cues from the massive, Armageddon-ready rigs you'd find on the Dakar Rally. In their most neutered form, they can start as street bikes and adapt for adventure duty by adding taller suspension setups, removable saddlebags, bigger fuel tanks, and better wind protection.

Lying smack in the middle of that dirt/road matrix (and leaning toward the tarmac side) is the 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS. A venerable fixture in the adventure scene, it developed a primarily urban following after the model bowed in 2004, though it's also proved itself worthy of tackling trails and light off-road scenarios. For automotive folks not steeped in the vagaries of the motorcycle world, the V-Strom is the two-wheeled equivalent of the late, great Mitsubishi Montero: capable, no-nonsense, and a bit of an unsung hero in the face of more glamorous off-roaders like the Land Rover LR4 and the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen.

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Basem Wasef / AOL, Suzuki

Auto industry insider previews tell-all book, What Did Jesus Drive?

Posted Nov 11th 2014 10:00AM

Ford Motor Co. Defends Explorer''s Safety

"It's about some of the biggest crises in history. It's about who did it right and who did it wrong." – Jason Vines

Jason Vines, the former head of public relations at Chrysler, Ford and Nissan, has seen a lot during his more than 30-year career, and now he's offering a behind-the-scenes look at the auto industry in his tell-all book What Did Jesus Drive? that went on sale this month.

Vines oversaw communications at all three automakers during major crises, including recalls and bankruptcy. His book reveals how they handled – or fumbled – those situations, often with life-or-death consequences.

"It's about some of the biggest crises in history," Vines said. "It's about who did it right and who did it wrong."

Image Credit: Getty Images

Car dealer dictionary shares sneaky slang you'll want to know

Posted Nov 7th 2014 9:00AM

Used car salesman and cars

Every industry develops its own slang – mastering it brings people together as part of a group and makes communication harder for "outsiders" to understand. Given the less-than-sterling reputation that new and used car salesmen have among many consumers (SEE: Top 10 ways to spot a shady mechanic or dealer), it should be no surprise that they also have their own insider jargon / slang. Much of the lingo is now finally coming to light in one place thanks to an Ohio lawyer specializing in 'lemon law' cases who keeps a dictionary of the terms on his own website.

According to Automotive News, the list is the ongoing project of lawyer Ronald Burdge from Dayton, Ohio. The dictionary reportedly started about 15 years ago when Burdge obtained it from a dealer's employees as part of a lawsuit. Since then, he's kept it up to date with the latest slang that could come in handy.

The lexicon varies from commonly understood and innocuous terms, including "low ball" and "tire kicker." Beater, iron, sled and toad are all words for a worthless old jalopy. However, Burdge also lists jargon for some lesser-known and often very unscrupulous acts. For example, the "five-finger close" happens when a sales manager hides a portion of a document with a hand to keep the buyer from noticing that the final numbers aren't as discussed. The move is somewhat related to "sealing the customer," which involves putting signed papers in a sealed or even stapled envelope as a way to hide things from buyers. There's also the "high penny roll" where the finance computers increase payment amounts to a higher number without changing it by a full dollar to keep consumers from catching on.

Not everything is quite so negative, though. For example, most buyers might want to be known as want a "chiseler" – someone who is a hard negotiator. And one of the best terms on the list is a "gold balls" – a person with a high down payment and good credit.

Click here to read the full car dealer dictionary in deeper detail, as it's definitely worth browsing, even if just for a good laugh.


News Source: Automotive News - sub. req. , Burdge Law Office

Image Credit: Rich Pedroncelli / AP Photo