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Fast N Furious Mazda RX-7 gets Tokyo Drift all wrong

Posted Nov 19th 2013 6:00PM

We've seen it at car gatherings of all types. Whether it's a big national event or a local coffee shop meet, there is always one guy that believes his car is the fastest on the planet. And he is on a mission to prove to everyone in the crowd by showing off a display of horsepower and skill... or lack thereof. After a recent car event in Japan, a Fast 'N' Furious: Tokyo Drift super-fan got it all wrong with one of the worst power-over drifts we've seen since this Corvette mishap.

After a parade of sexy Lambos, Ferraris, Porsches (including an RWB 911 ) comes this guy, captain Mazda RX-7. His third generation FD3S chassis has been fitted with the uber-tacky Veilside Fortune widebody kit and some mega-wide Veilside Andrew V wheels. However, all that rubber contact patch under his creation can't correct this horrible driving on damp pavement.

As the driver pulls out of the organized meet, all hell (and traction) breaks loose. The black and orange rotary-powered machine hits boost and during the over-correction gains a bit of traction, then heads straight into a crowd of onlookers. Luckily only four people reported minor injuries and there were no deaths. Shame the camera didn't keep filming to get the driver's reaction on the video you can watch below.

Be sure to check out the gallery of exotics on parade.

Winter tires versus all seasons, make the switch before snow

Posted Nov 15th 2013 7:00PM

For many years, winter tire technology remained nearly unchanged. Those old knobby bias ply tires seemed to be around for decades and typically were only put on the rear of many vehicles. In today's rapid-paced environment, cars (and people) need to move fast and safely. More recently, winter tire technology has progressed rapidly and become so diverse that the variety in product offers tires specific to climates and even four season use... but don't call them all season tires. Recently, Canadian Tire brought in an independent lab to explain the science behind winter tires, ideal tire selection and why all seasons just don't work for most of Canada, not only in snow but even below certain temperatures.

Most Canadians will not want to hear about spending more money on their car but the fact is that all season tires can be downright dangerous in winter conditions. And we aren't just talking about deep snow or even ice, but colder temperatures as well. The industry standard is 7°Celcius and experts agree conventional all season tires don't work properly below that temperature. There can be several weeks of single digit temperatures with no snow where drivers still run all seasons and even high performance summer tires. Many Canadian drivers believe that if it isn't snowing or below zero, the car will perform fine on all season tires in dry conditions. This is incorrect and Canadian Tire brought in specialist Dr. Joe Hallett, Commercial Manager, of ARTIS to show off a new technology they are developing that informs drivers when it's time to switch tires.

Read on for why you need to make the switch.

Traffic in Mongolia has 4x4 trucks in endless crash, demolition derby

Posted Nov 15th 2013 5:00PM

So you think your commute is bad? Check out this traffic bottleneck in Mongolia! The outrageous video shows several Russian-made SUVs jockey for position on a narrow single lane bridge. Without the assistance of a traffic cop, stop lights or any sort of signage, things get real.

The video shows an insane traffic jam with several of the UAZ Jeep-like vehicles at almost a total standstill. Angry drivers are bumper-to-bumper and fender-to-fender gently stepping on the gas to push their SUV through the gridlock. While is seems about to get ugly, these drivers are more concerned with getting across this bridge than starting a fight while blinded by road rage.

The video just gets progressively more weird as lanes clear and a new pair of drivers start sparring for space. Who will win? We're not sure anyone does here. However, it makes our recent TomTom navigation study naming three Canadian cities as having the worst traffic in North America seem almost laughable.

Be sure to check out the traffic insanity in the video below and the photo gallery here.

SEMA Show 2013: Wheel and Tire Hall highlights

Posted Nov 8th 2013 2:00PM

The SEMA Show may be only a few hours away from closing the doors on 2013, but the annual Vegas automotive spectacle still has loads to offer gearheads worldwide. One of our favourite highlights from the SEMA Show is always the Wheel and Tire Hall (well, the front half anyway). Sure Performance Hall has lots of go-fast goodies but the Wheel and Tire Hall houses the most outrageous supercars, customs and stunning models of the show.

This year all of the major players in the Wheel and Tire Hall did not disappoint. Falken Tire, Forgestar, Giovanna, Pirelli, Toyo, Continental and Forgiato all brought the insane hardware to showcase their products. The lead-in photo is yet another Rauh Welt Porsche that attracted loads of stares but Aventadors, SLS AMGs, F12 Berlinettas and more came out in force to represent the supercars of today. All of the above rolling on the latest technology from the wheel and tire industry.

Be sure to check out our gallery and our massive round up of the SEMA Show 2013. We have thousands of photos to try and relay our SEMA experience and make no apologies for taking up your day!

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SEMA Show 2013 highlights from Mobile Audio and Electronics Hall

Posted Nov 7th 2013 4:00PM


The 2013 SEMA Show has almost too much for a set of eyes, ears and feet to handle. In one million square feet of trade show space, there are approximately 2,500 cars, trucks and other motorized things to gawk at. While the Performance Hall is always the big ticket draw, the Mobile Audio and Electronics Hall has everything, and we mean everything to change your driving experience.

Beyond the SEMA collection of 250 of the hottest SEMA cars we find inside and out of the Las Vegas Convention Center, we have the best from the North Hall where all the mobile electronics and accessories will be found. From LCD screens to navigation, Bluetooth to satellite, car audio and everything else 12-volt to keep you entertained and connected, not to mention many accessories as well. From trinkets and branded items, there are also some great aesthetic upgrades like wraps and airbrushing found here too

Remember to click here to catch up on anything you might have missed from SEMA which is still on for another day and a half. Anything can happen!

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Liberty Walk widebody wagon debuts at SEMA Show 2013 codename: Ric Flare

Posted Nov 4th 2013 3:28PM

The time is upon us fellow gear heads. The annual mecca to Las Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show, better known as the SEMA Show is all fired up for 2013. If you have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts like us, they are jammed with updates about plans for the show and teasers galore of car builds requiring months of labour. Long time enthusiast, Mickey Andrade (from Accuair) put together a SEMA Show car that stopped us cold, a BMW 328i xDrive Touring Wagon with an outrageous widebody, codenamed: Ric Flare.

Mickey rounded up some heavy-hitting sponsors and built his BMW project (Twitter: #ricflare ) around one key element, a Liberty Walk widebody kit from Japan. While car enthusiasts are polarized on the look of Liberty Walk modifications, one thing is for sure, people will be talking about it. The M3 widebody kit spec'ed for a coupe has been modified to fit the BMW Touring Wagon increasing its track by over 25 cm. The E91 chassis now sits on KW Suspension Variant 3 coilovers to achieve the perfect stance. Tucked inside the monster wheel wells are Toyo R888 R-Compound rubber (295/35R19 & 325/30R19) wrapped around ridiculous HRE Wheels. HRE custom finished a set of 3-piece S107 wheels, 19x11-inch and 19x12-inch with battleship grey face and fluorescent yellow inner barrels. Lurking behind the hefty split-spokes are a set of Rotora brakes using 6-piston fronts and 4-piston rears.

Inside there are a pair of Recaro Sportster CS racing seats but on the roof above them is a custom bike rack holding a couple rare 2-wheelers. Mickey sourced a carbon fibre Evoluzione MRI road bike as well as a Haro bicycle, the Clutch BMX also built from carbon fibre to complete the package.

Be sure to follow our SEMA 2013 coverage this week and check out our gallery of this unique wagon before the show opens!

Image Credit: Linhbergh Nguyen

Lamborghini crashes then burns to ground in Toronto, injuries sustained

Posted Nov 4th 2013 1:00PM

A car crash that occurred early Sunday morning in the north end of Toronto has resulted in substantial property damage and injuries reported. According to witnesses, a Lamborghini Murcielago traveling at a high rate of speed lost control on The Donway West, just north of Lawrence at approximately 9:30 am on November 3rd. Although the posted speed limit in the area is 40 km/h, it was estimated that the Lamborghini was speeding at least double the posted limit. After the impact, the supercar burst into flames and occupants desperately tried to escape.

The vehicle allegedly made contact with a bus shelter, which was empty at the time. From there the $400,000 supercar reportedly deflected off a retaining wall before coming to a full stop. At this point, the male driver and female passenger were in a fight for their life as the vehicle caught fire. Although, both parties escaped the blaze, the female passenger has reportedly sustained burns to her hand and arm. The unidentified male driver has been charged by Metro Toronto Police and we are awaiting details on the charge(s) and a positive I.D. on the person behind the wheel.

Click past the jump to see amateur video of the supercar burning as Toronto firefighters attempt to put out the blaze!

Image Credit:, respective owners

Vivid Racing SRT Viper cranks up Seibon booth for SEMA 2013

Posted Nov 1st 2013 6:00PM

Vivid Racing SRT Viper

For over a decade we've seen Vivid Racing in an explosive growth pattern despite many challenges along the way. Sure they were in the midst of a tuner boom during the the first half of the 2000's but aimed to diversify after the downturn in the economy at a time when making car payments became paramount versus the luxury of performance modifications. Part of the plan meant gravitating away from focusing solely on tuner platforms and aiming for more high-end business. The result was gaining market share for tuning all kinds of luxury and exotic vehicles including breaking new ground for SEMA 2013 with an SRT Viper.

The Viper, as we all know is in the middle of a heated battle with the Corvette C7 Stingray for bragging rights. And while the forum battles rage on between users who probably can afford neither, these two companies will always be competing and occasionally picking a fight with Ford here and there. While we await the Viper ACR and the Corvette ZL1 top trim levels of the new chassis to have a final showdown, tuners like Vivid Racing are already cutting into a brand new SRT Viper to make upgrades.

Vivid has partnered with carbon fibre manufacturer Seibon to showcase some prototype lightweight parts. Seibon has manufactured a carbon fiber hood, front lip, front canards, sideskirts, rear diffuser and rear tail light surround. To improve the aerodynamics, they have added a massive carbon fibre wing to ramp up the downforce. The weave of the hood is an interesting first for Seibon as it's completely one piece and there are no components patched together.

Beyond the weight saving gear, Vivid Racing installed a set of custom-painted 20 & 21-inch staggered Niche wheels clocked with Pirelli P Zero rubber. Vivid Racing also fitted their own prototype Agency Power intake on the car and a free-flowing stainless header-back exhaust to thunder into Vegas with. While the upgrades might seem a bit light, Vivid has promised they have left the best part of the build to surprise SEMA Show attendees as well as Viper owners looking for that extra bump in performance. To see more check out the stunning Vivid Viper video below.

Image Credit: Cody Gephart

Bulletproof Automotive Scion FR-S build for SEMA rivals Lexus LF-A supercar

Posted Oct 30th 2013 5:00PM

The SEMA Show is the place to be when it comes to seeing custom car builders and fabricators bring out their very best of show for 100,000 of their closest friends. Naturally, the public is eager to see all of the outstanding: tuned cars, hot rods, resto mods, lifted trucks, race cars and many more we can't even categorize form the industry-only show. Well, we have a sneak peak at an exciting SEMA Show car, the Bulletproof Automotive FR-S Concept One based on the Scion sports car that takes direct aim at its supercar sibling, the Lexus LFA.

"The perfect supercar that inspires me is a driver oriented, lightweight, massively powerful, balanced performance car that is constructed of uncompromising exotic materials." Says Ben Schaffer, owner of Bulletproof Automotive, a company specializing in high-end Japanese tuning parts.

The mission was simple: build up a Scion FR-S to the point where it outperformed the Lexus LFA in every direction. Sure taking a $26,450 car and putting it up against a $375K supercar may sound like insanity but after an extensive modification and tuning process, Bulletproof claims to have cracked the code with the FRS Concept One.

The Concept One will be at SEMA in the Scion booth featuring a load of exotic parts and custom work. First the 4U-GSE engine was been completely rebuilt, bored out and stuffed with lower compression forged pistons connected billet rods. Then a Powerhouse Amuse turbo kit was fitted to the motor along with a titanium Powerhouse Amuse exhaust. After a tune, the car has reportedly put down over 500 horsepower to the rear wheels, which combined with the extensive weight savings yields a better power-to-weight ratio than the mighty LFA!

Schaffer is hauling his creation out to SEMA for the media to see but when questioned about proving track after the big show said, "we will definitely track it after it is shown. The goal is to put it on the track side by side with an LFA." Rest assured, Autoblog Canada will be there but until then, check out the full gallery and the full spec sheet below!