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Honda Canada recalls 2012 Pilot and Acura MDX for fuel tank concern

Posted Feb 24th 2012 8:01PM

Honda Canada has released a product recall that affects 186 2012 Honda Pilot and 385 2012 Acura MDX models in Canada.

The recall involved an emissions control device inside the fuel tank called a Vent Shut Float or VSF for short. The VSF is part of the vapour recovery system that prevents gasoline vapours from escaping from the fuel system into the atmosphere.

In some cases the the VDF can become dislodged from its mounting point which can prevent fuel from being added to the tank or cause a leak, increasing the risk of fire. There have been no reported cases of leakage or fire.

Check the official press release after the jump to find out how to see if your vehicle is affected.
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Extrim Drive instructors perform Tango on Ice

Posted Feb 24th 2012 4:45PM

With the recent spate of crazy dash cam videos coming out of the former Soviet Union lately, one might be led to believe that Eurasia has no driving instructors. Fortunately, one would be wrong.

The folks at Extrim Drive in Cherkizovski, Moscow operates a wide range of driving lessons for every driver from the first timer to track dogs. Just to show how good they can make their students, Extrim Drive has taken dance lessons and made their way to a local ice rink.

Head past the jump to see a Subaru Impreza and a UAZ Patriot SUV get their tango on!

Ken Block gunning for 6th win at 100 Acre Wood

Posted Feb 23rd 2012 6:29PM

The latest couple of videos to come from the brand chief at DC Shoes may have been a tiny bit humourous and showed off some dirty bits, but they have been short on the type of excitement that has made Ken Block a household name in households that don't particularly care about motorsports. Today's release brings the Focus back onto hooning the Fiesta.

The 100 Acre Wood might be home to a certain honey sucking bear in the nursery, in the performance rally world it is the kingdom of a Californian named Ken Block. The new media world goes crazy each time Block releases a new edition of his viral Gymkhana series, but there is a more serious side to his driving. Block has won the event in the foothills of the Ozarks 5 out of the past 6 years. That missing year was 2011, when Canadians Antoine L'Estage and Nathalie Richard stole the crown from the Ford driver and his co-driver Alex Gelsomino.

There is no doubt that Block wants to steal the crown back from the Mitsubishi team, as the video of him practicing at the nearby Sayers Brook Bison Ranch after the jump will attest.

Experience 53 exotic cars blasting through a tunnel

Posted Feb 23rd 2012 5:31PM

While getting ready to wrap up our day here in the Autoblog Canada offices, we stumbled across this gem of a video that is guaranteed to make even the most jaded of car fans green with exhaust envy!

Based in The Netherlands, Youtube user Jorrie2 began shooting auto porn with his camera at just 14 years of age. A few years on, he got his hands on a video camera and began making moving pictures thanks to a chance encounter with a Lambo. These days, at the ripe old age of 20, Jorrick (his real name) has graduated to a "real" camera and has the opportunity to shoot real supercar porn. No slouch in the quantity department either, as Jorrick has just filmed his 600th video!

The gathering you will see in the video above defies description. 53 exotics blasting through a pair of tunnels as they leave a rest stop at a group drive. It may be hard to believe, but lesser Ferrari and Porsche models seem almost pedestrian when followed by a Porsche GT, a Ferrari FF, a Jaguar XKR and an evil sounding Diablo.

Hit the jump to immerse yourself in the spine chilling sounds. Perfect for waking up the office at the end of the day!

Classic Triumph display a highlight of Toronto Auto Show

Posted Feb 23rd 2012 12:29PM

For many enthusiasts, a visit to an auto show is a chance to glimpse the cars of the future, sit in the cars of today and drool over the exotics that gearheads lust for. Some of us are just hoping for a taste of some special cars from the past. This guy has been labeled old school (I prefer old skool) by the rest of the team here at Autoblog Canada, so I fall in to the latter category.

Fortunately for us old school types, the organizers at the Toronto Auto Show also have a soft spot for the past and have reserved part of the 700 level at the annual show as their Classic Concours every year.

For the 2012 show, the Toronto Triumph Club has brought together an incredible collection of vehicles from the classic marque. Not surprisingly, mainstream road going models like the TR-6, TR-7 and Spitfire are plentiful in the display. Some of the more unusual machines on hand range from vintage racing cars to what would have been considered a bit more pedestrian back in the day.

There are a number of Standard Ten's and a really cool delivery van. Rarely seen in Canada is a lovely 1935 Triumph Gloria Southern Cross. How many new school car fans have ever seen a TR-8 race car, complete with massive slick tires?

The Toronto Auto Show continues at the Metro Convention Centre until this Sunday. Make sure to stop in to check out the Classic Concours while you are there. On your way to the show, check out our incredible Autoblog Canada art install in the Skywalk from Union Station.

Alberta man charged with driving at 120 km/h over the limit

Posted Feb 22nd 2012 7:26PM

Officers from the Wood Buffalo RCMP detachment in Fort McMurray, Alberta, have laid criminal charges against a 21 year old man for driving at 120 km/h over the posted limit.

21 year old Garnet Bresson was observed travelling on Confederation Way, where the speed limit is 60 km/h, at a speed of 180 km/h. Bresson was driving a sedan with three passengers on a snow covered road. The man was arrested and charged with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle and received a 24 hour suspension of his license for being under the influence of alcohol.

RCMP spokesperson Christina Wilkins adds:

There were no reported injuries as a result of this incident, however this type of behaviour behind the wheel can quickly lead to serious collisions, often resulting in irreparable damage. RCMP are reminding motorists to slow down, and drive to the road conditions. Posted speed limits are set as a maximum when the road and weather conditions are ideal.

Motorists caught driving at 50 km/h over the posted limit in Alberta receive six demerit points and a mandatory court appearance.

News Source: Alberta Police Report
Image Credit: Wikipedia CC rights free

Canuck racer, James Hinchcliffe tells "How I got Go Daddy"

Posted Feb 22nd 2012 5:06PM

Let's face it, despite a few quips when he was signed to drive the Go Daddy Indycar, James Hinchcliffe was not hired by the domain seller because of his bikini bod. More than any other Indycar pilot, the Mayor of Hinchtown has built a brand around himself that fits the Go Daddy brand.

Hinch has already been doing some video work for Indycar leading up to the 2012 season and now we get our first glimpse of him in action for Go Daddy. Unlike the sexy, polished stuff Go Daddy has done in the past with Danica, this spot is more like Wayne's World. Kinda refreshing after the stuck up princess stuff.

Hit the jump to see how the Canuckdian driver got the seat at Andretti Autosport.

Gixxer rider flips out on Mulholland Drive

Posted Feb 22nd 2012 1:05PM

Put a windy, mountainous road near a city and you will have an unofficial race track. Put an epic road near a huge centre of car culture like LA and that track will become legendary. Of course LA has an equally healthy motorcycle culture and riders need a place to play just as much as us car guys. That place is Mulholland Drive.

Over the years, more than a few riders have bitten off more of Mulholland than they can chew and another one bit the dust last weekend. A guy named Mickey on a Suzuki GSX-R came into a tight right a bit too hot. He got sideways under braking and does a full flip over the guard rail. Fortunately Mickey's pride was injured more than anything else. We've got views from two angles after the jump. First up is a roadside view, followed by a Go-Pro view from the KTM rider who was next on the road.

Ontario man finds GPS tracking unit on his truck, police are unable to help

Posted Feb 22nd 2012 11:07AM

Warsaw, Ontario resident Ben Ferrill has a stalker, and there is nothing Ontario Provincial Police can do to help him.

"I was doing just a regular inspection on my truck and I found this black box under my truck ... with flashing lights inside," Ben Ferrill of Warsaw, Ont., told Go Public. "I didn't know what it was. I didn't know if it was a bomb. We were scared to death ... It felt like a movie - unreal."

The man is obviously distraught, living in fear of who might be following him and what their intention may be. All Ferrill & his lawyer have to go on is suspicion, but the back story could point to an answer.

Ferrill was a mechanic at Holiday Ford in Peterborough, when he injured his shoulder at work and went on disability leave. On his return to work, he was fired for allegedly stealing a jug of windshield washer fluid. A W.S.I.B. investigation found that the mechanic had been fired because of his injury and are pursuing legal action. Likewise, Ferrill has filed a wrongful dismissal suit against the dealership. In the video after the jump, it can be seen that Ferrill owns a landscaping company. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for dealership staff to be convinced that the man's injuries were overstated.

GPS tracking units are routinely used by fleet companies to keep tabs on their vehicles, or to locate them in the event of a theft. This particular unit was activated by a Toronto based company acting as an agent for a US company. Kore Wireless simply activated the unit for use in Canada, but the device was sold by U.S. Fleet Tracking who has a strict policy against revealing their client's information. They go so far as to post the following on their website:

"U.S. Fleet Tracking will not under any circumstance make your information or any data specific to your vehicle tracking account available to any third party - including local, state or federal law enforcement authorities ... Even if presented with a court order, we promise to fight the courts to keep this information private and respect the privacy of our paying customers,"

Not surprisingly, this means that Canadian officials stand no chance of obtaining any information about who placed this unit on Ferrill's truck or who bought the unit. The OPP have closed their investigation.

What do you think? Was Ferrill's previous employer keeping tabs on his movements? Watch the CBC report after the break and then chime in with your comments.