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Top 10 toughest new cars to negotiate

  • Top 10 toughest new cars to negotiate
  • Swedish man bests Kobe Bryant by jumping speeding Lambo
  • Porsche Cayman GTS races 996 GT3 in surprising track battle
  • 2014 Hyundai i40 Tourer

Ronnie Fung

These 10 roads will scare you straight

Posted Jun 28th 2014 10:00AM

When us drivers read the words "scary roads", we tend to think of roads that terrify us because of how crazy, dangerous, twisty, hilly or otherwise hazardous it is to drive on. Last year we showed you some of the most dangerous and scary roads to drive on, this summer, we're bringing you a list of 10 of the most spooky and haunted roads to drive on. We're talking roads that are the subject of urban legend, ghost stories, and roads that send chills down your spine if you're brave enough to venture on them.

We've prepared the list for you in the gallery above. Check them out and some of these roads have just been added to our bucket list of things to do in a car.

Let us know if you've driven on any these roads. We'd like to find out if there's any truth to any of the stories and legends associated with the list. Take a ride down the creepy Clinton Road in the videos below.


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News Source: Listverse, Facts.FM

Worst car trends we wish would go away

Posted Jun 25th 2014 8:00PM

Generally speaking, automobiles are at the cutting-edge forefront of the design world and will remain to be so. Over the years, auto design has evolved from the the boxy hard edged lines to the sexy swooping lines we see today. With every passing generation, styling follows the popular trends - high beltlines, ever-increasing wheel sizes and LED lighting are all the rage these days.

Throughout the years that have been some been some alarmingly unattractive and useless trends that have stayed consistent, leading us to list the worst car trends we wish would go away. Many of these trends are still in existence and have been joined by some new and mind-boggling styling choices.

Check out the gallery above to see and read about some of the worst trends found on cars direct from the factory. We'd love to hear your comments on what you think, whether you agree or not. If we missed a trend that you think should be added to the list, let us know via uploading a photo or two and tell us why. Check out our Facebook page to get the discussion going.

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News Source: AOL / Getty / AP / User

2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Practice Day 1

Posted Jun 25th 2014 11:30AM

2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

This year the big news about the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is about who isn't showing up. Sebastien Loeb, fresh off his record setting run last year, hasn't bothered coming back (and probably won't unless someone breaks his record). The Millen family is also noticeably absent. Rhys and Rod have been driving here for the past couple of decades but it looks like Rhys is focusing his efforts on Global RallyCross.

Last year Pikes Peak added a fourth practice day on Tuesday to allow drivers to get more time on the mountain. It's an optional practice day, but most drivers show up.

Today, both Time Attack divisions (1 and 2) as well as Unlimited division drove the lower third of the mountain. Pikes Peak Open, Open Wheel, Electric Production, Electric Modified, Exhibition and Vintage all practiced on the middle section, and bikes power sports did the top section.

At the bottom of the hill, Romain Dumas opened up the account marking his third year on the mountain, trying to become the overall champion after narrowly missing out to Rhys Millen two years ago. He was by far the fastest in the Unlimited Division in his 2013 Norma, more than 24 seconds ahead of Piero Nappi in a 2010 Picchio. Also on the lower slopes, Jeff Zwart topped the Time Attack 1 group with the second fastest time of the day overall, putting him 24 seconds ahead of Vincent Beltoise. Of the two men who finished ahead of Zwart last year, Paul Dallenbach has switched to the Open Wheel Challenge class and David Donner isn't racing.

Monster Tajima, former record holder for the mountain, brought his E-Runner out for the third year, and while he won the Electric division last year, he'll have his hands full with the pair of Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution III racecars, both of which ran about 7 seconds faster.

Tomorrow, qualifying will start (the bottom section is used for qualifying), with each of the groups running the same sections of the mountain as today. Meanwhile, you can get ready by checking out the full list of competitors and all of the first day's practice results for the lower section, middle section and upper section. FYI, the latter two groups of competitors aren't sorted by name, only race number, so you'll want to keep that competitor list handy.

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Jeep driver goes airborne after accidentally stunt jumping off trailer ramp

Posted Jun 19th 2014 12:58PM

We've just come across this insane video of a Jeep Cherokee hitting a trailer ramp at full highway speed. This accidental stunt is something that we're sure that all of us have contemplated at some point. You know, when you're driving along the highway and you see a car trailer up ahead with a perfect looking ramp to launch yourself off. After all, if the boys from the Dukes of Hazzard can do it, we can too, right? It's science.

According to WIBW News, Greg Harris of Manhattan, Kansas , was headed down the highway just east of Manhattan when he drifted onto the shoulder and proceeded to launch himself and the Cherokee off of a parked trailed that with its ramp lowered. The trailer was unfortunately attached to a Ford F-350 that was displaying a red flag, signalling that his vehicle was disabled at the time.

The shocking video shows Harris hitting the ramp without even slowing down one bit and proceeds to demolish the F-350 while flipping his Jeep end over end. Fortunately, the driver of the F-350 was uninjured. Harris received minor injuries and needless to say, the Jeep was also destroyed.

Police are investigating the possibility that Harris was impaired or distracted at the time.

Click here to watch the videos below and view the second video posted to see the raw footage for yourself.

News Source: Tom jones, WIBW News, AOL ON via Geobeats via YouTube

2015 Subaru Legacy Deep Dive

Posted Jun 18th 2014 8:00PM

The Shining Star In the Calm Seas Of the Mid-Size Segment

The mere mention of the mid-size sedan segment may be the quickest way to get most gear heads to roll their eyes and think about something else, anything else. The 2015 Subaru Legacy sets out to change our perception of what driving and owning a mid-size sedan can be like. Challenge accepted!

When family members of friends (generally of the middle-aged or retired age group) find out what I do for a living, most of the time I'm asked "What do you think of the new Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, or the Nissan Altima?" My answer is often along the lines of "Which one do you think looks the nicest?" They're all good. Very good, in fact. Any of the new mid-size selections offer fantastic value in terms of fuel economy, safety, price, comfort and reliability. However, none of the cars on the list really offers a hint of lust. They're known for being a possible alternative to the crossover and minivan segment while safely and reliably hauling a family around town and on road trips.

In the vast (but calm, ever so calm) seas of mid-size sedans, Subaru seems to be setting out to build a car that checks off all the boxes on the mid-size sedan mandatory checklist, but also offer something that none of the the other manufacturers seem to focus on these days: A mid-size car that checks off all the boxes, but is also actually enjoyable to look at and more importantly, fun to drive. I'm not saying that mid-size sedans aren't good-looking or that you can't enjoy driving a mid-size sedan, I'm saying that they're not exactly known for inspiring pure driving enjoyment or lust of any amount. Enter the the 2015 Subaru Legacy... READ MORE

Image Credit: Copyright 2014: Ronnie Fung / AOL, Press Images: Subaru Canada

2014 Mazda Adventure Rally wrap-up [w/video]

Posted Jun 17th 2014 5:00PM

The 2014 Mazda Adventure Rally is over and we're still grinning from ear-to-ear! The Mazda Rally took place over three days but those three days were so jam packed with some of the best driving roads in the world, that it felt like it was much longer. During my recap of day 2, I was recounting the morning gravel section in my head and I could scarcely believe it happened only 12 hours before. It seemed like it must have been several days that had passed since then!

If you haven't had a chance to read our recap from day 1 and day 2, please take a moment to do so, then come back for the wrap up.

On the morning of the third day, we woke up and were pleasantly surprised to see that due to our Autoblog Alliance team (made up of myself and Marie-Laurence Paquin of Autoblog Quebec) winning the track portion of the rally at Atlantic Motorsports Park on the previous day, we were bumped up to 2nd place! We were overjoyed and back on track to possibly placing in the top 3 to win a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. Unfortunately for us, right before we hopped into the cars to start day 3 on a high note, we were pulled aside and told that there was to be a change to the scoring system for the track section-instead of 100 points being awarded to the winning team, only 50 points were awarded-this put us to 6th place. Bummer.

While it was a total bummer that we were no longer in 2nd place, we understood the reasoning behind it. Marie-Laurence and I were content in knowing that we represented our outlets in the best way by still logging the fastest lap times in the midst of some very stiff competition. READ ON FOR MORE...

Nine-year-old behind the wheel with four-year-old passenger stopped by teens

Posted Jun 17th 2014 12:00PM

Teens Stop 9-Year-Old Behind the Wheel of Stolen Car
The last thing that most of us expect to see on our day-to-day travels, is a nine-year-old boy driving dangerously... with a four-year-old as a passenger! Two teenaged witnesses (in separate cars) stopped a Pontiac Grand-Am when they noticed it was driving erratically and swerving.

They thought that the driver was impaired so they decided to force the car to a stop. One of them pulled out in front of the Pontiac and the other pulled up behind the Pontiac. They somehow managed to maneuovre the car to a standstill without incident.

Police say the children took the car from the parking lot of a boat dealership and drove four miles (6.4 km) before they were forced to stop by the teens. The shocked teens removed the keys from the car and waited for the police to show up. When officers arrived, they discovered that the children were the only two people in the car. The two children indicated that they wandered away from their home in the city of West Bend, Washington, and were trying to get to their grandmother's house.

No injuries were reported, and no damage to property was found. No charges are being filed by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The parents of the nine-year-old have refused all comment.

Scroll down for the video and for some quotes from the two teens. Let us know on our Facebook page if you think the teens were in the right to do something like this or if they were just as reckless and irresponsible.

News Source: AOL ON

2014 Mazda Adventure Rally roadtrip with Autoblog Canada continues

Posted Jun 12th 2014 3:00PM

If you missed our 2014 Mazda Adventure Rally Day 1 recap, be sure to read it first and then come back. Now that Day 2 is in the history book, it's hard to believe there is still another full day of driving ahead of us. We spent a total of almost 12 hours on the road and track during Day 2, but it's been a blast so far.

Our journey on Day 2 began with our challenge booklets being handed to us after breakfast. We had about 15 minutes to study them and hit the road. Some of the challenges were similar to the ones we completed on Day 1 and some vastly different from the challenges previously set before us. Our day was being split up into several legs and each leg presented a new set of tough challenges... READ MORE

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2014 Mazda Adventure Rally roadtrip with Autoblog Canada kicks off

Posted Jun 11th 2014 3:00PM

We've finished the first day of the 2014 Mazda Adventure Rally and I'm sitting in the hotel room typing this with blurry vision and aching muscles. Powered by the anticipation of what day two will bring, I've somehow managed to find the energy to post this recap of day one.

The Mazda Adventure Rally is in its 2nd year and this time around, Autoblog Canada was given a golden opportunity to be one of ten Canadian media teams invited to take part in this fantastic rally adventure race. The idea behind this event is to enjoy some amazing roads and spend some time behind the wheel of an equally fun car, the 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

The outcome of it (beyond bragging rights, if you win) is to raise money for the charity of your choice. The winning team will be awarded $10,000 to donate to a good cause, while second and third place teams will receive $2,000 and $1,000, respectively. We've chosen to donate our winnings (so long as we finish in the top 3) to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Our team, "Autoblog Alliance" is comprised of myself (Ronnie Fung) and one of our colleagues, Marie-Laurence Paquin from our fluently French sister site Autoblog Quebec. It also helps that Marie-Laurance just so happens to be a seasoned racing/drifting/stunt driving instructor and an accomplished journalist too... READ MORE