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Will your next car feature Bluetooth-enabled, self-adjusting seats? [w/video]

Posted Dec 10th 2012 5:29PM

Faurecia's Bluetooth-enabled smart driver's seat

At one time, recently at that, the 22-way adjustable seat was a marvel – especially since we didn't know our own bodies even had 22 different ways to be seated comfortably. Automotive supplier Faurecia plans on going well beyond that, however, with its prototype Bluetooth-enabled SmartFit seating system.

To get your seat fitted perfectly to your body without having to touch any of its controls, you enter your information into the SmartFit app: gender, height, weight, reach and a picture of yourself sitting down. The data will be uploaded to Faurecia's system, which will work out "your tailored comfort profile," then send that via Bluetooth to the car's seat, and the chair will automatically shape-shift to hold you just like you like.

The app includes adjustments for specialized conditions like back stiffness and leg or thermal discomfort. Going even further, Faurecia imagines you could purchase enhanced seating functions like Shiatsu massage, IsoHeat treatment and "workout relief." Word is they want to bring it to market in the next few years.

You can see how it works in the video below.

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