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Truck driver lucky to survive grisly deer swinging escapade

Posted Dec 11th 2012 12:46PM


A rock or a brick dropped from a bridge onto highway traffic below can do a massive amount of damage to cars, not to mention a fatal amount of damage to the people inside them. So how much more dangerous might a falling deer be? The image above tells the tale: as a truck driver on Interstate 295 in Richmond, VA was approaching the Buffin Road overpass, somebody threw a dead deer over the side of the bridge. Even crazier, the deer was tied to the bridge with a rope.

The driver said the deer wasn't hanging as he neared the overpass, and he figures it was thrown over just as he got there. When the deer went through the windshield the driver was able to avoid it, but he was hit in the face by the rope and flying glass. The deer came to rest in his cab, and there is still rope tied to the Buffin Road overpass. Check out the video below for the full story as reported by WTVR.

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News Source: WTVR


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