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    Official: 2015 Shelby GT bows in Scottsdale with 627 supercharged ponies

    Between the base V6, the EcoBoost turbo four, the eight-cylinder GT, the monstrous GT350 and the new GT350R (to say nothing of transmission and convertible options), muscle-car enthusiasts have a staggering array of Mustangs to choose from. And now there's one more as Shelby American has ...

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    Official: Subaru brings sportier XV, Legacy and Levorg concepts to Tokyo Auto Salon

    'Tis the season of the auto shows, boys and girls. We just came down from the techno-fest that was CES, the Detroit Auto Show is underway, in the UK they're holding the Autosport International racecar show, and in Japan they just opened the Tokyo Auto Salon. And true to form, Subaru was on hand ...

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    Tokyo: HIGHLIGHTS: 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

    Japanese car fans and aftermarket tuning enthusiasts rejoice, as we've got your 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) fix in our mega gallery of JDM madness fresh from the show floor in Japan. As expected, nearly every tuner under the sun rolled out their own heavily modified versions of the most popular ...

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    Report: Find Of The Day: 1998 Honda Accord Dually

    The vehicles that we choose to drive make a statement about who we are, and this insanely styled, custom 1998 Honda Accord is certainly going to say something about the next owner. The seller in this Craigslist ad claims this "is something that you will never see again," and there's no arguing ...

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    Official: Britain's BBR already promising 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata with 200+ horsepower

    The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of Autoblog's most anticipated cars to drive this year, and with good reason. Thanks to svelte, angular styling, the promise of less weight, the possibility of more power and all at a fairly affordable price, it represents pure, automotive enjoyment. Mazda is ...

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    Official: Ford offering factory-spec EcoBoost reflashes that don't void warranty*

    Buy a supercharger or cold-air kit from Ford Racing and a Performance Calibration handset comes with it to reset the ECU for the upgrade. The ProCal handset, allows you to reflash the ECU on your EcoBoost-equipped ride to extract more of its inherent capabilities without any additional upgrades. ...

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    Video: Hellacious tuner cars line up for half-mile drag race

    Our friends over at Motor Trend have just kicked off Tuner Battle Week. This episode is arguably the best so far, bringing together a mouthwatering array of customized performance machines on a closed air strip and letting 'em lose in an epic, tire-turning Top Speed Shootout – something ...

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    Official: Toyota reveals custom Mark X, Harrier and Prius for Tokyo Auto Salon

    Toyota offers a robust lineup of models in markets around the world – ours included – but there are certain models that remain reserved for Japan, and now it has revealed some tantalizingly modified versions for its home market. Arguably chief among them is a version of the Mark X ...

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    Video: Project Overlord is like LoJack for your car's wheels

    Shrinking GPS units and communication technology make it relatively easy to track your phone, computer or car if they're stolen, but a new service called Project Overlord might extend the same ability specifically to your vehicle's wheels in the future. An IndieGoGo campaign for the ...

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    Report: Israeli cyber-security researchers remotely hack a car

    Former members of an Israeli intelligence unit dedicated to thwarting cyber crimes announced Friday they had remotely hacked into a vehicle that contained an aftermarket device with a big security hole. Once they exploited the vulnerability in the device, called a Zubie, they controlled vehicle ...