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Aston Martin

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    Featured: 2015 Autosport International Performance Car Show

    If you are interested in racing, chances that you know the British magazine Autosport. Each year the magazine organizes Autosport International, one of the biggest high performance and race car shows on the planet in the city of Birmingham, England. When talking about race cars, the range of ...

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    Motorsport: Aston Martin launches Evolution Academy driver training program

    No longer content with simply recruiting new talent when they're ready, young driver training programs are becoming increasingly vital to a racing team's success and continuity. But while most of those programs are run by Formula One teams like Red Bull and Ferrari, this time it's Aston Martin ...

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    Report: 15-year-old Russian footballer crashes Aston Martin he's owned for 3 days

    You wouldn't expect most 15-year-old boy to have the driving experience required to tame an Aston Martin, and things went just as you would suspect for one young, Russian soccer player who fits that description. It only took three days before the teen reportedly collided with a Volkswagen Tiguan ...

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    Video: XCAR's Best Car Sound of 2014

    Speed is great, but what is a fast car without the tune to go with it, (other than a Tesla Model S which surprisingly made the cut.) We think the best kind of cars, are ones that along with their performance, provide a sense of excitement; and sound is often one of the biggest factors to that ...

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    Quick Spin: 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish

    Driveline Updates Make For A Really Special Package, But Is That Enough? There's something really special about an Aston Martin Vanquish. It's not my favorite model in the British automaker's range – I'm more of a Vantage guy, if I'm being choosy. But every time I drive one, I feel like ...

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    Official: Vanquish 60th anniversary model has knobs made from classic Aston Martins

    To celebrate 60 years at Newport Pagnell, Aston Martin Works is producing six different takes on the Aston Martin Vanquish in conjunction with personalization arm Q by Aston Martin, each themed to one of the previous six decades. The collectibles will come in coupe and convertible forms and wear ...

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    Video: New Bond car fuels awesome 007 Aston Martin retrospective

    Well, there's something to be said for timing. With the announcement that MI6 Agent James Bond would take the wheel of the all-new Aston Martin DB10 in his next film, Spectre, Xcar has taken a look back at 007's most iconic vehicle – the sleek and sexy DB5. There's also something about some ...

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    Report: Aston Martin DB10 based on V8 Vantage

    If you looked at the new DB10 that Aston Martin revealed just a few days ago and thought as we did that it looked an awful lot like a reskinned Vantage, there's good reason for that. According to Automotive News, a reskinned V8 Vantage is exactly what the DB10 is. Instead of basing the ...

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    Official: Aston Martin pens new DB10 for James Bond [w/video]

    James Bond has driven a variety of pretty cool vehicles (SEE: James Bond Lotus Submarine) over the course of his long and fictitious career in espionage, but few marques have been as intrinsically tied to the famous spy as Aston Martin. For the past few films that's come down to the DBS model, ...

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    Report: Why you should run out and buy a vintage Aston Martin Lagonda right now

    Aston Martin has a reputation for crafting some of the world's finest luxury GTs, and with a little help from James Bond, it has also become a quintessential British brand. While the company's models are known for combining speed and luxury, they certainly aren't recognized for being inexpensive. ...