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    Report: Ontario looks to liquidate its holdings in General Motors

    The late-80s and early-90s saw the Canadian government divest itself from some of its largest state-owned businesses (Crown Corporations) – particularly when it came to transport and energy companies. In a sweeping implementation of Thatcherism led by Conservative premier Brian Mulroney, ...

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    Canada: Top 10 worst things to do at a police checkpoint

    Police checkpoints and roadblocks are designed to keep our roads safe and catch dangerous drivers before bad things happen, but if you really want to know how to act at a police roadblock, it's best to go straight to the source... So why not ask the police officers manning them for a few helpful ...

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    Featured: Ford Canada celebrates its Mustang turning 50 in Toronto

    Normally, getting invited to a friend's 50th birthday party isn't anything too exciting (READ: lame), but when that "friend" just so happens to be the iconic Ford Mustang, chances are it's a party you won't wanna miss. But when it comes to birthday gifts, what do you get the car that's got ...

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    Motorsport: TOPP Drift Season Opener 2014 [w/galleries]

    The Topp Drift 2014 season opener at Shannoville Motorsports Park this past weekend brought some much needed tire burning warmth to Ontario's drifting scene as we bid farewell to the long and impossibly cold winter. With the weatherman forecasting rain all day, it was a pleasant surprise to show ...

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    Featured: Top 10 cheapest all-wheel drive cars in Canada

    This past winter was just awful for drivers in Canada, surely inspiring many people to think about upgrading their vehicle to something with all-wheel drive that can better handle snow storm conditions more effectively. The folks at Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently put together list of the best ...

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    Exclusive: How to score a better deal: The complete guide to car price quotes

    Negotiating for a new car is no picnic – we all know that – but you can make the process easier on yourself by learning how it works. Forget about knowing how to charm car dealers or even understanding the basic functions of a car; this stuff comes up much later. What you should know ...

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    Report: Ontario police chase goes long enough for suspects to stop for gas?

    It looks like we might have a new police pursuit to add to our list of Top 10 shocking police chases, as a Toronto area robbery quickly turned into a strange and lengthy 90 km police chase between suspects and police. According to reports from CBC News, the police chase (which also involved a ...

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    Report: Nissan testing experimental dealer with no desks or offices

    Nissan thinks it has found a better way to sell cars, and it involves stripping showrooms of everything but the cars and sales team. The brand calls the experiment the Nissan New Retail Concept, and it might get tested in Canada and the US in a few years. The concept is relatively simple. ...

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    Report: Vote to unionize Toyota Canada plant faces delay

    Volkswagen isn't the only automaker with high-profile unionization efforts afoot at one of its North American factories. Unifor, Canada's largest private-sector union, is attempting to organize Toyota's factories in Ontario, reports Reuters. A vote was originally set for next week, but Unifor has ...

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    Featured: Getting the best deal: What's that used car really worth?

    Used car buying tips can really come in handy, but there are a number of factors, subjective or otherwise, that actually go into deciding the value and cost of a car, especially when shopping for a used car. From features to brand reputation, there's more to the price of your used car than a ...