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    Featured: How to make car depreciation work in your favour

    Whether your car is new or used, it will slowly, but surely lose its resale value over time. And while taking good care of your vehicle (with these handy tips) will allow it to retain more of its value, nothing you do will preserve all of it from depreciation. On average, a vehicle will lose ...

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    Report: Ontario to increase fines for texting while driving and using hand-held devices

    Ontario motorists will face stiffer fines and penalties for texting while driving under legislation the Liberal government will re-introduce today.The previous bill to increase the maximum fine for distracted driving to $1,000 and impose three demerit points died when the June 12 election was ...

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    Official: Nissan Canada offers box-fresh racecar for $19,998 [w/video]

    Nissan is seriously emphasizing its commitment to motorsports with projects like next year's GT-R LM endurance racer at Le Mans and the company's participation with GT Academy. At least in Canada, the automaker is adding another opportunity to get people onto the track with the new Nissan Micra ...

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    Motorsport: HIGHLIGHTS: TOPP Drift 2014 Final - Shannonville Motorsports Park

    This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada and while much of the country spent Sunday and Monday with their families and loved ones, perhaps gathered around a dinner table or by the water in cottage country; we spent it drifting at TOPP Drift's final event of the 2014 season - a two-day ...

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    Featured: Winter tires vs. all season: When and why to make the switch

    It's that time of year again, as we prepare for the winter driving season and many drivers debate when (and if) they should switch to winter tires. Automobile technology is changing and cars are performing better because of things like ABS brakes and traction control. Still, those features are ...

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    Featured: Happy Thanksgiving! Autoblog Canada is thankful for...

    Thanksgiving weekend is an important holiday for Canadians across the country. On one hand, this long weekend allows us to spend some quality time with our family and friends, and at the same time, allows us to pause and reflect on the aspects of our life that we're truly thankful for. Being car ...

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    Video: How to cook your thanksgiving turkey... with a flame shooting Lamborghini?!

    As we prepare for long thanksgiving weekend here at Autoblog Canada, we couldn't help but share one of our personal favoutite turkey recipes that calls for a turkey, a pitchfork and a flame-shooting Lamborghini?! Click here to watch, as supercar videographer Shmee150 fastens a turkey to a ...

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    Report: OPP report reveals worst driving dangers in Ontario

    Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are blaming distracted driving, speeding, impaired driving and failure to buckle up for the majority of road deaths in Ontario this year. The OPP says these are the "Big Four" in terms of contributing factors in 168 of the 216 road deaths investigated by the force ...

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    Breaking: $900K Porsche 918 Spyder catches fire at Toronto gas station [w/video]

    Brand new Porsche 918 Spyders aren't exactly a dime a dozen and as far as we know, there are were only two confirmed 918 Spyders in Toronto, Canada as of last night. Now, there is only one. The inflamed $900,000 hybrid supercar (pictured above), was spotted roasting itself into a useless lump of ...

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    First Drive: 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Review [w/video]

    The New Steed For The New Breed Amidst the great oil crisis of the early '80s, Ford unleashed the 1984 SVO Mustang upon the world as an alternative to the gas-guzzling 5.0. The SVO arrived on the scene with with a more advanced 2.3-litre 4-cylinder, intercooled and turbocharged motor boasting an ...