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    Video: 2015 Corvette Z06 and Viper TA square off at the strip

    There are many long-standing grudge matches among automobiles: 911 vs GT-R, Mustang vs Camaro, Ferrari vs Lamborghini... but as far as high-end American metal goes, it doesn't get much more legendary than Viper vs 'Vette. So after Chevy released the new Corvette Z06, we knew it was only a matter ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz builds the case for a mid-engined Corvette

    Rumours of a mid-engine Corvette are like automotive industry folklore at this point. Every once in a while, news pops up that it might be happening or is under development, but nothing actually ever comes to fruition as something people can actually buy. The latest spy shots strongly suggest a ...

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    Video: Just the right Camaro can change your life

    Not many people can say that their car directly motivated them into a career, but that's exactly the case for Adam Martin and his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that he calls Lucy. Martin bought the pony car in primer when he was just 16, and it helped foster his profession in restoring classic ...

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    Featured: 10 Best Cars to Buy Used Over New

    Buying a slightly used car over a new car can sometimes save you thousands of dollars while still giving you all the benefits of a new car. With warranties that last anywhere from 4 years all the way up to 10 years nowadays, it's a no brainer for some buyers to buy slightly used vehicle over a ...

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    Comparo: 1983 Motorweek showdown pits Porsche 928S vs. Chevy Camaro Z28

    Last month, Motor Trend threw the Camaro Z/28 and Porsche 911 GT3 into the bear pit and let them fight it out. Way back in 1983, MotorWeek had the same idea, comparing the Camaro Z/28 to the Porsche 928S. At the time, the Camaro was among the best selling sports coupes, the 928S was Porsche's ...

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    Exclusive: How real is the Chevy Bolt EV and will it really cost just $30,000?

    "This is us bragging that we can do this kind of car." That's how Michael Simcoe, GM's executive director for NA exteriors, described the Chevy Bolt EV concept, which made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. While there was talk of a 2017 production debut, this is for sure a ...

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    Detroit: Biggest surprises from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show [w/poll]

    Here at Autoblog Canada, we love unexpected debuts at auto shows – and judging by our Detroit Auto Show coverage and traffic visiting our site, you do, too. Surprise reveals have been fewer and farther between in recent years with so many ways for vehicles to be teased or leak out, but this ...

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    Video: Explore the 2015 Detroit Auto Show via drone

    Seeing the Chevrolet display at the Detroit Auto Show is worth doing this year, and not just because of the new Corvette Z06, Volt and Bolt concept. In order to attract the new kids, The Bowtie has gone what the old kids used to call "buck wild" with their show stand at Cobo Hall. A Corvette Z06, ...

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    Official: 2015 North American Car and Truck of the Year awarded in Detroit

    Congratulations, Volkswagen Golf/GTI and Ford F-150. You've just been named the 2015 North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year, at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. The Golf faced some seriously stiff competition from its runners-up, the Ford Mustang and Hyundai Genesis. But the Golf has been a ...

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    Video: National Corvette Museum sinkhole being filled in by R/C cars?

    Okay, so not exactly R/C cars, but Bobcats - but still quite cool. You might remember that the National Corvette Museum had that little divot that needed to be filled in. Turns out the construction firm of Scott, Murphy & Daniel doing the work is using two remote-controlled Bobcats to fill ...