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    Spy Shots: Next-gen Ford Taurus spotted in China

    We're getting our first look at the next-generation Ford Taurus thanks to some spy shooters in China. While the camouflage and angle of the photo keep changes to the body a secret, there's no hiding the massive hexagonal, chrome grille up front. It lends a look very similar to the Fusion. Beyond ...

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    Detroit: Spira4u foam car enters pilot production

    Four years ago we posted on the three-wheeled foam car that was going to enter the Auto X-Prize. The car was the Spira at the time, and it made it to the round-of-four in X-Prize competition. Its inventor, Lon Ballard, created the vehicle for the sole purpose of lowering the number of road ...

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    Report: Tesla facilitating Chinese trade-ins for Model S buyers

    When many people buy a new vehicle in North America, it's quite common to trade in an older model at the same time. Not only does the decision knock a little money off the purchase, but there's often not enough room for an extra car taking up room in the driveway. Now, Tesla is extending that ...

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    Report: Taiwan latest to put the smack down on Uber

    Uber is finding itself in hot water in locations around the world, and the latest country to take issue with how the car service provider operates is Taiwan. According to a report from Bloomberg, the East Asian country has been issuing fines against Uber and its operators, and will continue to do ...

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    Report: China's answer to Elon Musk seeks licence to build electric car

    With just under 7,000 electric vehicles capable of highway speeds sold in China in 2013 (versus over 200,000 slower models), the country's government plans a major investment of support behind its efficient auto industry in the near future. Including buying more of them for official purposes, the ...

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    Official: Pagani launches in China with Huayra Dinastia edition

    The Zonda may have put Pagani on the map, but it was only sold in certain markets. Canada and the US, for example, weren't one of them, but with the introduction of the Huayra, the Modenese supercar manufacturer is going global. The Chinese market is a vital element of that strategy, prompting ...

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    Video: Top Gear has launched in China, and here's its new intro

    Top Gear may still be first and foremost a UK television series, but it's long since grown beyond the original BBC program into an international brand, with versions of the show produced around the world. And now there's one more. Following similar productions in Australia, Russia, France, South ...

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    Video: Chaos ensues in pileup at Macau tin-top race

    Touring car grids around the world have been growing at suitably rapid pace. The British Touring Car Championship has been fielding record numbers of entries, DTM and V8 Supercars both have more manufacturers participating than they have had in years, the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship has ...

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    Video: Parallel parking world record broken by Chinese stunt driver

    Whenever this writer thinks of "fancy" parking jobs, we go straight to Buddy Love singing Strokin' in a red Dodge Viper he slides into a tiny space in The Nutty Professor. But after watching the video below, we might have to start thinking about Chinese stunt driver Han Yue, who broke the world ...

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    Report: Kia KX3 crossover concept leaked

    Despite all the focus on the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, there's another increasingly important event happening on the other side of the planet. The Guangzho Motor Show is yet another expression of China's growing automotive might. Not only does the show boast a concurrent introduction with the ...