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    Video: Ford Focus ST diesel estate in track showdown with Focus ST hatch

    Diesel hot hatches are still a concept that's gaining ground. Obviously, there are none for sale in North America, but European buyers have the choice of at least the Volkswagen Golf GTD and Ford Focus ST Diesel. What better way to find out how the new, high-performance oil-burner really stacks ...

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    Official: All Jaguars and Land Rovers to get diesel engines... almost

    Virtually all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles – except the F-Type sports car – will get a diesel engine option in the next three years, the company confirmed Sunday night at an event before the Detroit Auto Show. The aggressive blitz begins this fall, when the 2016 Range Rover and ...

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    Detroit: 2016 Audi Q7 represents leaner, fitter second-generation

    After a long run on the market, Audi has finally signaled the end of the first-generation Q7 with the introduction of the long-awaited second-gen version of the brand's first crossover. The 2016 Q7 is a far lighter machine than the vehicle it replaces, thanks to ample use of hot-shaped steel and ...

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    Detroit: Hyundai HCD-15 Santa Cruz might be the compact pickup we've been waiting for

    The recent pickup truck renaissance and the dominance of the crossover has not been a great thing for car-heavy brands like Hyundai. That doesn't mean the Korean manufacturer is sitting on its hands, though, as it's taken the 2015 Detroit Auto Show to introduce the Hyundai HCD-15 Concept, also ...

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    Official: 2016 Nissan Titan XD arrives with diesel V8 power

    Full Titan Range Will Offer Multiple Engine, Cab, Bed Configurations Feels like this one's been coming soon (or is that #CumminsSoon?), forever. Over a decade since the Nissan Titan launched, the Japanese fullsize pickup has finally been given a full redesign, and it looks to be a worthy – ...

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    Rumormill: BMW 5 Series future: 3-cyl engines and 600-hp M5

    What if we told you the next BMW M5 would crest 600 horsepower? You probably wouldn't be too surprised, considering the steady increase in output that's accompanied each preceding generation. Now, what if we told you that the next BMW 5 Series would be available with a three-cylinder engine? ...

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    Video: Mazda3 versus BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 in Euro diesel showdown

    It's not exactly a Tesla Model S taking on a Ferrari, but for us green enthusiasts, a drag race and comparison between reasonably priced diesel hatchbacks does hold interest, and UK's Auto Express was kind enough to do the deed. When raced, the diesels actually laid a little rubber coming off the ...

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    Video: 2016 Nissan Titan gets video teaser ahead of Detroit debut

    The Detroit Auto Show is going to be quite an event for pickup fans thanks to introductions of the new Toyota Tacoma and at least the rumour about the future F-150 Raptor. In addition to them, Nissan will finally unveil its next-gen Titan after months of teasing and spied glimpses. With just a ...

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    Official: Renault reveals tiny two-stroke twincharged diesel

    The Renault-Nissan Alliance bills itself as the worldwide leader in electric vehicles with a claimed 58 per cent of the global market share. In the highly competitive world of increasingly efficient powertrains, development can never stand still if the company wants to maintain that dominance. ...

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    Official: Next-gen Audi Q7 shows of its wares ahead of Detroit

    Audi has put the Q7 on a massive diet, trimming over 700 pounds (316 kilograms). Meet what is sure to be one of the bigger debuts at the upcoming 2015 Detroit Auto Show. The next-generation Audi Q7 has been the subject of spy shots and conjecture for quite some time. After all, it was easily ...