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    Video: Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric Super Bowl ad equates BMW i3 with the Internet

    BMW fancies its new i3 electric car as something revolutionary – which, to be entirely honest, it is. But while we as automotive enthusiasts might know this, the general populous may not, which is why the German company is shelling out what is no doubt a substantial sum of money for a spot ...

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    Report: BMW i3 called 'most revolutionary car' since Ford Model T

    The Ultimate Driving Machine, or at least one of them, may also be the Ultimate Engineering Success. Consultant Munro & Associates, which specializes in automotive tear-down analysis, pretty much said as much when taking an under-the-skin look at the BMW i3 plug-in. In short, the firm liked ...

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    Exclusive: How real is the Chevy Bolt EV and will it really cost just $30,000?

    "This is us bragging that we can do this kind of car." That's how Michael Simcoe, GM's executive director for NA exteriors, described the Chevy Bolt EV concept, which made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. While there was talk of a 2017 production debut, this is for sure a ...

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    Video: Watch two women fall in love with Tesla Model S P85D

    When we come across videos of women reacting to acceleration, it often involves an insanely high-horsepower race car with a stunt driving bro behind the wheel sitting next to a buxom lass in some skimpy bikini top. This particular video, however, has almost none of that: no internal combustion ...

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    Video: Lexus NX, BMW i3 to get 2015 Super Bowl commercials

    At this point last year, we'd been getting news on automotive-focused Super Bowl commercials for more than two months. The teasers hadn't come out yet, but manufacturers lined up for the super-expensive spots were making their intentions known. This year? Almost nada, until this week. BMW has ...

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    Detroit: Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE nearly production ready

    Volkswagen brought out its third preview of its eventual production crossover with the Cross Coupe GTE, a plug-in, all-wheel-drive five-passenger CUV at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Volkswagen continues its long tease leading up to an eventual North American-built, seven-passenger crossover by ...

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    Report: Porsche planning more plug-ins

    Which automaker offers the most plug-in models in the industry? The answer may surprise you, because it's not Toyota, it's not Renault or Nissan or any other automaker that might spring to mind. The answer is Porsche, which already offers the Cayenne and Panamera in plug-in hybrid spec in ...

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    Detroit: GAC WitStar provides your annual dose of Chinese-OEM conceptual weirdness from Detroit [w/video]

    The Chinese automakers rarely fail to provide moments of whimsy or baffling innovation when they present at the Detroit Auto Show, and the Guangzhou Automobile Group was no exception this year. GAC offered up both with its WitStar concept, a falcon-wing-doored, range-extended hybrid whose wacky ...

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    Report: Tesla stock takes big tumble after Musk's Detroit Auto Show speech

    Frank talk from Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show sent the company's stock falling one Wednesday, after the CEO warned his company wouldn't achieve profitability until the dawn of the next decade... READ MORE

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    Detroit: Spira4u foam car enters pilot production

    Four years ago we posted on the three-wheeled foam car that was going to enter the Auto X-Prize. The car was the Spira at the time, and it made it to the round-of-four in X-Prize competition. Its inventor, Lon Ballard, created the vehicle for the sole purpose of lowering the number of road ...