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    Video: '84 MotorWeek Cherokee, Bronco and Blazer comparison indulges your SUV nostalgia

    These days, truck-based, full-frame SUVs are somewhat of a rarity on the auto landscape due to the rapid rise in popularity of easier-driving, car-based crossovers. Although, without the gradually building popularity of these chunky, high-riding vehicles decades ago, it's unlikely that America's ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz builds the case for a mid-engined Corvette

    Rumours of a mid-engine Corvette are like automotive industry folklore at this point. Every once in a while, news pops up that it might be happening or is under development, but nothing actually ever comes to fruition as something people can actually buy. The latest spy shots strongly suggest a ...

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    Video: National Corvette Museum sinkhole being filled in by R/C cars?

    Okay, so not exactly R/C cars, but Bobcats - but still quite cool. You might remember that the National Corvette Museum had that little divot that needed to be filled in. Turns out the construction firm of Scott, Murphy & Daniel doing the work is using two remote-controlled Bobcats to fill ...

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    Report: Car and Driver reveals spy shots of mid-engine 2017 Corvette

    Some news in the car world is perennial, and some is perennially wrong. Typically news about some upcoming mid-engined Chevy Corvette has fallen into the latter category, with rumours never yet generating a road car. This time could very well be different. Car and Driver has some exclusive ...

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    Video: Son surprises his dad by restoring his classic 1949 GMC pickup

    Norman Meal, an 83-year-old retired farmer nearly missed his big Christmas gift when his son, Kyle, first presented it to him. Norman was oblivious and was looking all over the garage floor until Kyle pointed out a satin black pickup with a bow on it parked inside. This wasn't just another case ...

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    Featured: Most highly anticipated new cars of 2015

    Now that 2014 is officially in the books, it's time to look ahead. And following our list of the cars we liked best last year, we're now setting our sights at the hot new metal that's coming our way in 2015. Some of these, we've already seen. And some are still set to debut during the 2015 auto ...

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    Report: Chevy Trax engineer says GMC version possible

    The Buick Encore is doing so well and its platform-mate the Chevrolet Trax has such good reviewer vibes going for it already, that a GMC version hasn't been ruled out. During the recent press launch, Automotive News asked lead engineer Al Manzor if the Trax could wear a GMC-branded suit, to which ...

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    Video: The Volt Dance had precedent; meet the Chevy Footlockers

    Marketing in the auto industry can get weird sometimes – really quite bizarre, in fact. For example, remember the Chevy Volt dance from the 2009 Los Angles Auto Show? If not, a group boogied to a song about the electric car, and it was every bit as awkward (and hilarious) as that sounds. In ...

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    Featured: Hottest Performance Cars of the Year

    Every year our editorial team at Autoblog spends countless hours jumping behind the wheel of the latest and greatest cars, usually well before they even hit the showroom floor. Our opinionated test drives and quick spin car reviews deliver our thoughts on the design, features and performance of ...

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    Report: Next Chevrolet Malibu to have 'groundbreaking,' 'passionate' design

    In our First Drive of the Chevrolet Malibu after its redesign in 2013 we wrote, "Chevy has quickly worked up a host of changes for its ever-important midsize sedan, and will be launching this 'there, we fixed it' 2014 Malibu like it's an all-new product." Still, no one cared. The Malibu has been ...