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    Report: Texting driver slams into cyclist and tells police, 'I just don't care'

    Texting while driving is a horrible and dangerous idea, but what's worse is saying "I just don't care" like 21-year-old Kimberley Davis did after slamming her car into a cyclist (injuring his spine) while texting behind the wheel. Although she called emergency responders upon hitting the ...

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    Video: World's first glow-in-the-dark highway could catch on

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    Canada: Top 10 worst things to do at a police checkpoint

    Police checkpoints and roadblocks are designed to keep our roads safe and catch dangerous drivers before bad things happen, but if you really want to know how to act at a police roadblock, it's best to go straight to the source... So why not ask the police officers manning them for a few helpful ...

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    Featured: Most common excuses for speeding according to police

    With Toronto officially called out as the worst city in North America for speed traps, we gladly the brought you the best ways to avoid speeding tickets and even shared the best ways to talk your way out of a ticket. But when all else fails, what other excuses have you tried to use in order to ...

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    Report: Top Gear up for possible airing in North Korea?

    Top Gear has a habit of poking fun at, um, everyone. Considering that, we find the idea that "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-un is thinking about allowing the world's greatest motoring show onto the ultra-censored screens of North Korea to be kind of surprising. After all, what will happen when Clarkson ...

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    Video: Shocking distracted driving ad is a brutal wake up call

    It used to be that most of the car-related public service announcements on TV focused on preventing drunk driving and getting people to buckle their seatbelts, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched grisly new ads combatting distracted drivers with the slogan "U ...

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    Video: Man crashes new Camaro ZL1 in pool, proving it's not waterproof [w/video]

    Chevy fans, please stay away from water in your sports cars. Now, this latest fiasco isn't quite as bad as the last time we saw at a failed amphibious sportscar - a waterlogged Bugatti Veyron - although that's largely because the Veyron in that drowning cost US$1.6 million and this submerged ...

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    Report: Smart car tipping targets San Francisco drivers [w/video]

    Among the ten commandments of the car guy, near the top is "Thou shalt not mess with thy neighbour's vehicle, regardless of how awful it may be." That said, we can't help but giggle every time we look at the image above. Apparently, some delinquents in San Francisco, bereft of bovines to tip, ...

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    Report: Ontario police chase goes long enough for suspects to stop for gas?

    It looks like we might have a new police pursuit to add to our list of Top 10 shocking police chases, as a Toronto area robbery quickly turned into a strange and lengthy 90 km police chase between suspects and police. According to reports from CBC News, the police chase (which also involved a ...

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    Report: Ford Explorer is the most popular new police car

    There is a new police vehicle that you should keep an eye out for when you're going a little too fast down the Interstate. Ford's Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility was the bestselling new law enforcement model in the country last year, and signs show that won't be changing anytime ...