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    Tokyo: HIGHLIGHTS: 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

    Japanese car fans and aftermarket tuning enthusiasts rejoice, as we've got your 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) fix in our mega gallery of JDM madness fresh from the show floor in Japan. As expected, nearly every tuner under the sun rolled out their own heavily modified versions of the most popular ...

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    Report: Find Of The Day: 1998 Honda Accord Dually

    The vehicles that we choose to drive make a statement about who we are, and this insanely styled, custom 1998 Honda Accord is certainly going to say something about the next owner. The seller in this Craigslist ad claims this "is something that you will never see again," and there's no arguing ...

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    Report: Honda delays JDM Legend over quality concerns

    Honda has been having some quality issues lately, to say the least. Most of those have revolved around the airbags supplied by Takata, but not exclusively. The new Fit Hybrid, for example, has been subject to five consecutive recalls in the year since it launched. And now the Japanese automaker ...

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    Video: 'Tornado' at Rose Bowl Fan Fest wreaks havoc on Honda display

    California's been host to some oddball weather for the past few years - particularly oddball, even for California, that is. An example of which struck again during the Honda Fan Fest at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on New Year's Eve. A robust dust devil – labeled a "tornado" by the anonymous ...

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    Official: Check out these cool displays from Honda's new Ohio museum

    Honda undoubtedly has its roots in Japan, but when it comes to its North American operations, the automaker holds some very deep ties to the Buckeye State too. The company has been building cars at its Marysville, OH, campus since 1982 and over 10 million Accords have left there since then. The ...

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    Official: Honda rolls out various oddities for 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

    On January 9 the doors at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba will open for the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. and you know what that means, boys and girls: that's right, all sorts of strange mod jobs. Not to be confused with the Tokyo Motor Show that's Japan's main automotive expo, the Tokyo Auto Salon is the ...

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    Video: Honda helps Santa take his sled into the 21st century

    If you had put nearly 75 billion miles (120 billion kilometres) on your only company car, it would most likely be pleading for retirement in every rickety way it knew how. That's Santa's situation, so St. Nick heads to his not-exactly-local-at-all Honda dealer for a new sled, and the company ...

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    Video: 1964 Honda SM600 roadster gets elemental in Jay Leno's Garage

    Honda has made a handful of sports cars in the past, with examples like the Acura NSX and Honda S2000 standing as noteworthy examples. But before either of them came along, there was the Honda S600. And Jay Leno has a beautiful example from 1964 in his garage for this latest video ...

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    Report: North American Honda Civic to get Type R engine

    Honda is bent on kicking butt and taking names with its upcoming new Civic Type R, but since the Japanese hot hatch is based on the European model and isn't slated to come to North America, it's been of little consolation to Canadian and American car enthusiasts. But if you're one of them, we've ...

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    Official: Honda rolls out new N-Box Slash kei car in Japan

    Honda may not compete with the likes of the expanding Fiat 500 and contracting Mini families in the North American or European markets, but back home in Japan it has a whole series of retro hatchbacks, grouped together as part of its N series. And now there is one more. Called the N-Box Slash ...