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Ownership and Repair

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    Report: What happens to a car after you donate it to charity?

    Many people use the time around holidays as an opportunity to do something good for the world, whether buying gifts for needy children or volunteering time for a charity. Although, some significant acts of philanthropy take almost no work at all on your part, like donating a vehicle. In a recent ...

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    Report: Five ways you may be prematurely aging your car

    Winter is tough on cars, but your bad habits might be making things even worse. A car is most often the second most expensive item most people will ever buy, and yet some of us will treat our chariots like trash. Here are five ways you may be increasing wear and tear on your vehicle. They can ...

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    Report: France says diesel cars a 'mistake,' announces phase-out plans

    Anyone even vaguely familiar with the European auto market knows that diesel-fueled vehicles take up a huge portion of the roads there. A combination of high fuel efficiency, useful torque in tightly packed cities, low CO2 emissions and tax incentives all contribute to the popularity. However, ...

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    Consumer Reports declares most and least loved cars [w/video]

    Tesla Model S, Chevy Corvette Earn Plenty Of Admirers Consumer Reports is crunching the numbers from its annual owner-satisfaction survey, and part of that process is finding out how attached drivers are to their cars. The survey simply asks readers of models up to three years old if they would ...

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    Report: How GM's OnStar is building a better Check Engine Light

    Cars Will Warn Of Failures Before They Happen Soon, OnStar will be used to mine your car's systems and compare its findings against vast pools of data in the cloud. We've all become accustomed to our cars' dashboards warning us of an impending calamity, be it low fuel, low tire pressure or ...

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    Video: This father and son duo terrorize the UK countryside in Datsun 240Z pair

    The Datsun 240Z got a lot of things right when it was introduced, with handsome styling, strong performance and a reasonably affordable price. And while the coupes grew a strong fan base in North America, they remained quite a rarity in the UK. Decades later, a father and son in England have ...

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    Report: Korea may ban new Corvette because it's TOO LOUD

    South Korean buyers hoping to stomp on the throttle to hear the thundering V8 of the Chevrolet C7 Corvette have reason to be a little depressed, it seems. The South Korean government has no interest in hearing the 'Vettes angry growl. We're afraid it's just too darn loud. "The launch of the ...

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    Report: Most stolen cars in Canada

    There are plenty of lists on which consumers love to see their vehicles, but the list of Most Stolen Cars is not one of them. Each year, automobile thefts costs Canadians close to $1 billion, and worst of all, this will lead to higher insurance premiums on the cars targeted by thieves. To ...

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    Report: Car dealer dictionary shares sneaky slang you'll want to know

    Every industry develops its own slang – mastering it brings people together as part of a group and makes communication harder for "outsiders" to understand. Given the less-than-sterling reputation that new and used car salesmen have among many consumers (SEE: Top 10 ways to spot a shady ...

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    Featured: Winter and snow tire laws in Canada - Do you need them or are all-seasons fine?

    It's that time of year again and the emails and messages are flooding in from all our readers about winter tires, all-season tires, all-weather tires, studded tires, tire chains, and the laws about using them in each respective province. You may remember an article we put out a few years ago ...