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    Video: Glickenhaus reveals carbon chassis for SGC 003

    Aside from being a Hollywood director and investment banker, James Glickenhaus has one of the most awesome car collections around, full of classic Ferrari racers. But that wasn't enough for him, so he started commissioning his own: the Enzo-based Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina and the 430-based P4/5 ...

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    Video: Nissan planning 90-second Super Bowl commercial, plus two debut cameos

    The Super Bowl is still a few days away, but the big ads from several automakers for the game are already streaming online. Nissan is bucking the trend, though, and the Japanese brand is only releasing the first 10 seconds of its spot before the actual premiere. Much like one of Toyota's ads, ...

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    Video: We go racing against Audi's autonomous RS7

    It's Man Versus Machine As Host Jonathon Buckley Races Against Audi's Autonomous RS7 Translogic host Jonathon Buckley heads back to the Ascari Race Resort in Spain for an encounter with a track rival unlike any other. Watch as "Bucko" challenges "Bobby," Audi's autonomous Audi RS7 racecar to see ...

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    Video: Watch 2,000HP Lamborghini spin out at 320 KM/H... into a pond

    While videos of exotic supercars tearing up a runway at near-lightspeed has been seen before, we have to admit watching this 2,000 horsepower Heffner Lamborghini rip up the 1/2 mile from a standing start is pretty badass in itself. The part that really grabbed our attention was when the ...

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    Featured: 2015 Autosport International Performance Car Show

    If you are interested in racing, chances that you know the British magazine Autosport. Each year the magazine organizes Autosport International, one of the biggest high performance and race car shows on the planet in the city of Birmingham, England. When talking about race cars, the range of ...

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    Report: Nissan's front-engined Le Mans car caught testing at COTA

    As far as we can tell, not only is it true, it's wilder than we could have expected: not only does the Nissan LMP1 entry for Le Mans have its engine in the front, it apparently uses that combustion engine to power the front wheels while its KERS unit powers the rear wheels. Those rear wheels ...

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    Motorsport: Infiniti Q50 BTCC ready to race

    A few months ago, Infiniti announced it would field its Q50 sedan (or a racing derivative thereof) in the British Touring Car Championship, and now the Japanese automaker has revealed the tin-top racer in its final form as it prepares to roll onto the grid. Like the rest of the BTCC field, the ...

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    Motorsport: Ecclestone admits German GP could drop off F1 calendar

    There was a time (and it wasn't so long ago) that Formula One was so popular in Germany that racing circuits fought over who wanted to host it more. But now it seems that no one does. Although earlier reports suggested the German Grand Prix would stay at Hockenheim this season, when asked by ...

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    Video: Nissan Maxima sleeper car surprises Porsche 911 Turbo in drag race

    It's always awesome seeing the underdogs get ahead. In this case, the moustached man driving the living hell out of his boosted Nissan Maxima. Watch as this Japanese sleeper car leaves the driver of a bright yellow Porsche 911 (996) Turbo scratching his head and eating his dust. That's got to be ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S P85D shows 707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat how to drag race

    Street Car Drags hosted a bang-up event at the Palm Beach International Raceway last weekend, with a list of massive horsepower ICE cars going up against one another and a trio of Tesla Model S P85Ds. One of those duels pitted the 691-horsepower Tesla against a 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT ...