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Road Trips

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    Canada: Top 10 worst things to do at a police checkpoint

    Police checkpoints and roadblocks are designed to keep our roads safe and catch dangerous drivers before bad things happen, but if you really want to know how to act at a police roadblock, it's best to go straight to the source... So why not ask the police officers manning them for a few helpful ...

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    Featured: Most common excuses for speeding according to police

    With Toronto officially called out as the worst city in North America for speed traps, we gladly the brought you the best ways to avoid speeding tickets and even shared the best ways to talk your way out of a ticket. But when all else fails, what other excuses have you tried to use in order to ...

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    Video: World's most dangerous places to drive

    Namibia is the most dangerous country in the world when it comes to driving – at least, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The fairly recent study uses World Health Organization data to compare the rates of death by car accidents in ...

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    Featured: Meet North America's best winter drives

    Winter. That frigid, miserable time of the year where ice, snow and slush coat our roads and salt coats our cars. Why would you ever willingly go for a drive during the winter? Well, perhaps because no one else is going for drives. As CNN points out, winter means that some of the country's best ...

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    Video: Meet the man who took a year sabbatical to drive his 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster

    A quiet drive in the country can be the most relaxing thing in the world. What if it didn't have to end, and you could keep driving for a week, a month or even a whole year? That's what Scott Fisher is doing by taking a one-year sabbatical from work and driving his 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster ...

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    Official: Land Rover drives Defender to the Pole of Cold

    You may think it's cold where you are right now, polar vortexes and whatnot, but no matter where you are, you know it's got to be colder somewhere else. Except if you're at the Pole of Cold. The point in Siberia has recorded the coldest temperatures in history, dipping down to -67.7 degrees ...

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    Video: The List tackles Tail of the Dragon and its mind-blowing 318 tight turns

    After setting a world land speed record in a 50,000-horsepower jet car, we're bringing our hosts of The List, Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre back down to Earth with a to-do item more accessible for the common car enthusiast: drive the Tail of the Dragon. If you're not yet in the know, the Tail ...

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    Report: Top 10 most congested cities names Vancouver for worst traffic in North America

    After last year's TomTom Traffic Index study named three major Canadian cities to the top 5 list for worst traffic in North America, it seems things just aren't looking any better for frustrated drivers in BC. Although we love to see Canadian cities rank high on top of many international surveys, ...

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    Opinion: Lowering speed limit to 40 km/h in British Columbia? [w/video]

    Over the past year we have been seeing an array of interesting stories appear that revolved around speeding laws in British Columbia, but this latest idea from the BC Union of Municipalities easily trumps them all. BC is already a leader when it comes to ridiculously low speed limits and although ...

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    Video: Top 10 funny road trip movie moments

    Before you hit the open road this Summer for your next family vacation or road trip with your friends, we recommend watching these Top 10 funny road trip movies to help prepare yourself for the long journey ahead. From dangerous hitchhikers to crazy drivers, if there's one thing these movies have ...