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    Video: Russian driver attempts foolish jump start by bus, hilarity ensues

    It's frustrating when your car won't start. It's doubly frustrating when it's due to a battery issue and triply troubling when you don't have a set of jumper cables handy. Provided you own a car with a manual transmission, though, push- or pull-starting is a last-ditch tactic for when you ...

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    Video: Audi winter driving drift stunt gone wrong ends with big bang

    On yet another winter storm day here in Ontario and just in time for the kickoff of the Sochi Olympics, this stunt driving video gone wrong comes to us from the streets of Russia, yet again. This time around, it features an Audi S5 in winter driving drift mode. While we're all for making the most ...

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    Video: World's most insane parallel parking job

    Parallel parking isn't easy an easy task, as it can often pose a problem to many motorists (as seen in our previous video showing the best parking fails of all time)... That is, unless you're this crazy driver spotted stunt-parking on the wild streets of Moscow. The insane and unsafe high speed ...

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    Featured: Sochi Winter Olympics reveals world's coolest VW Monster Truck

    Volkswagen Group is taking its role as the official vehicle partner of the 2014 Winter Olympic in Sochi, Russia, very seriously. It is supplying over 3,000 Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and commercial vehicles to the games, but the Polar Expedition Amarok, which it built a year ago to promote the event ...

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    Video: In Russia, old ladies don't take the bus... they push it

    It wouldn't be uncommon in most cities, in most countries, to see an old lady taking the bus. But not in Russia. No, in Russia, old women push the bus... for two very Russian reasons: 1) The Russians never paid as much attention to building civilian transportation as they did to nuclear ...

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    Video: Road rage battle ends with crazy shovel vs. knife street fight in Russia

    If you enjoyed watching our most shocking road rage videos of 2013 last week, you'll want to watch this outrageous battle too. There may not be tanks, jet fighters or meteors in this Russian dash cam video, but it does offer a high-speed chase, some car-to-car combat and Benny Hill-like hijinks, ...

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    Video: Learn how to zipline across a river... in your car?

    If you enjoy watching strange stunts featuring even stranger home made contraptions like this one on how to tow your SUV out from a lake, this next video is right up your alley. Watch as this brave stunt shows us how a bunch of guys in Siberia can cross a raging river... with their station ...

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    Video: Miss Universe contestants drift in SLS AMG, watch their impressions afterwards

    What's more fun than drifting a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG around Moscow Speedway? How about drifting the SLS around the track in the pouring rain with a slew of cute Miss Universe contestants riding shotgun? Well, we can certainly think of jobs that would be much worse, right?! A new trend of ...

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    Video: These men make towing SUV out from frozen lake look easy

    The never ending source of amusing and ingenious videos from Russia strikes again! Have you ever had your Honda CR-V get stuck inside a frozen lake? No? Well, us neither, but as Canadians, we're sure some of you have at least seen a few snowmobiles stuck in a lake over the years. The video below ...

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    Video: Man nearly killed by car in Russia, no dash cam involved

    Russia. Cars are just more dangerous in Russia. You might disagree with that; argue that it's just the roads of the former Soviet Union that will kill you (and to be fair, there's plenty evidence to suggest that's true). Watch this video, though. It's the cars that are the real killers. This ...