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    Video: These men make towing SUV out from frozen lake look easy

    The never ending source of amusing and ingenious videos from Russia strikes again! Have you ever had your Honda CR-V get stuck inside a frozen lake? No? Well, us neither, but as Canadians, we're sure some of you have at least seen a few snowmobiles stuck in a lake over the years. The video below ...

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    Video: Man nearly killed by car in Russia, no dash cam involved

    Russia. Cars are just more dangerous in Russia. You might disagree with that; argue that it's just the roads of the former Soviet Union that will kill you (and to be fair, there's plenty evidence to suggest that's true). Watch this video, though. It's the cars that are the real killers. This ...

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    Video: In Russia... Road crashes into you!

    Russia can be a scary place to drive. Between the meteors, bears, geysers, bus drivers, lightning strikes, semis and otherwise generally insane accidents, we get the sense that you'd be taking your life in your hands every time you climbed behind the wheel. With all the insanity on Russian roads, ...

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    Video: Traffic in Mongolia has 4x4 trucks in endless crash, demolition derby

    So you think your commute is bad? Check out this traffic bottleneck in Mongolia! The outrageous video shows several Russian-made SUVs jockey for position on a narrow single lane bridge. Without the assistance of a traffic cop, stop lights or any sort of signage, things get real. The video shows ...

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    Video: Police vehicle crashes into car at full speed during failed pursuit

    If you're in any major city, the loud siren of an emergency vehicle wailing is a pretty common sound. Police, fire and ambulance all have a job to do and sometimes, how quickly they get there can be the difference between life and death. It is the responsibility of the public to follow the law ...

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    Video: Man in road rage fist fight learns valuable (English) lesson

    With just one quick visit to any viral video site, you're sure to find a fair share of Russian dashcam and road rage clips. From mild to wild and all out insane, we pride ourselves on finding and sharing the best from what seems to be an inexhaustible amount of crazy source footage. This next ...

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    Video: Motorcycle sidecar fail in Russia is epic stunt gone wrong

    After watching our top 10 best motorcycle fails, it really is amazing to think about what can happen (or go wrong) in less than 15 seconds. One moment, you're just hanging out with a bunch of friends and the next moment, you're busting a mega-wheelie and crashing three-deep with your pals flying ...

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    Video: Dangerous lane splitting stunt gives motorcyclist near death experience

    Dangerous driving often leads to deadly disaster, just ask this lane-splitting biker who luckily survived having his motorcycle crushed right from under him. It's hard to believe the reckless rider escaped with his life and limbs still intact, as he fails to squeeze his way between a BMW X6 and a ...

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    Video: Watch POV Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo catch fire at 402 km/h

    Car fires can be a real scary situation in the most ideal conditions, but imagine we can't even imagine what it would be like to have your Lamborghini burst into flames after cracking past the 400km/h mark. We last saw this Russian Underground Racing Gallardo it had just won its owners a $25,000 ...

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    Video: Compilation of the closest calls ever captured on Russian dashcam

    If we could post every single crazy dashcam video we see come out of Russia, we'd have to rename our website Autoblog Russia - Dashcam Edition. Every time we come across these clips, it remind us that maybe the champagne coloured Toyota Corolla hogging the left lane while doing 90 kilometres per ...