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    Official: Jaguar Land Rover's latest tech makes roads safer for bikes [w/video]

    Safety in automobiles isn't just about protecting the occupants anymore. It's about protecting pedestrians who might be struck by an automobile, and as Jaguar Land Rover is demonstrating, it's about protecting cyclists as well. The latest experimental safety system from the British automaker is ...

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    Spy Shots: AWD BMW M5 is headed our way

    Remember the rumour about the BMW M5 going all-wheel drive? Well, there's definitely some truth there because these spy shots show BMW testing the Autobahn-storming sedan with the ability to spin the front and rear wheels. Our spy shooters grew suspicious when they saw this seemingly ...

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    Report: Audi reveals virtual reality 'dealership in a briefcase'

    Virtual reality still seems like technology that should be lumped in with the flying car and colonizing the moon as the sort of perennially "almost-here" Next Big Thing that never quite arrives. However, devices like gaming's Oculus Rift suggests that it's too soon to write off VR just yet, and ...

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    Official: New Honda smart cruise control predicts other motorists' future idiocy

    It's not quite "Open the pod bay doors, Hal," but we're getting there: Honda is offering a predictive cruise control system on the Exectuve Grade Honda CR-V in Europe starting this year. Advancing the capabilities of the present adaptive cruise control, the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control ...

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    Report: Elon Musk wants to build an Internet in space

    The next James Bond film is called Spectre; if the villainous mastermind driving that Jaguar C-X75 isn't named Elon Musk, we'll want to know why not. The real-life Musk isn't evil so far as we can tell, but we gotta say he's just as ambitious as Ernst Blofeld ever was. While opening a SpaceX ...

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    Report: Next BMW M5 could go all-wheel drive

    Franciscus van Meel had been a part of Audi AG management since 1996, in positions including chassis development and vehicle project director. In 2012 he was named managing director of Quattro GmbH - headquarters for personal favourites like the RS6 Avant and R8 - but he lasted just two years ...

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    Official: Hyundai Veloster facelift includes new 7-speed DCT, light cosmetics

    Hyundai hasn't given the Veloster the exterior overhaul that we expected, but it has outfitted the quirky, oddly doored hatchback with some new tech, at least in the Korean market... READ MORE

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    Study: The truth behind sharing your driving data for cheaper car insurance

    Interested in savings as much as 30 per cent off your current car insurance premium? Safe drivers can do so, if they're willing to share their personal driving data. A new study says motorists are growing more comfortable sharing their driving data in order to earn steep discounts on auto ...

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    Exclusive: Jaguar working on windows that open when you touch them

    Jaguar is working on windows that activate with just the touch of your hand (because we're all going to be a lot lazier in the future). Picture having side windows that will whir up and down not with a push of a button, but with a touch of the glass itself... READ MORE

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    Video: Explore the 2015 Detroit Auto Show via drone

    Seeing the Chevrolet display at the Detroit Auto Show is worth doing this year, and not just because of the new Corvette Z06, Volt and Bolt concept. In order to attract the new kids, The Bowtie has gone what the old kids used to call "buck wild" with their show stand at Cobo Hall. A Corvette Z06, ...