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    Video: Jay Leno listens to the people, shows off still-stock 1972 Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3

    Let it be known, Jay Leno is a man of the people. Long-time viewers will recall the time he walked fans of his popular video series around the various projects going on in his eponymous garage. One such vehicle was his 1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3, which he'd planned on fitting with the ...

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    Featured: Industrial designer seeking classic car, sketches his finds as he shops

    The process of shopping for a vintage car can be both a joy and a nightmare. Wrapped up with the exciting opportunity of owning a classic is the anxiety of picking just the right one. Canadian industrial design professor Bruce Thomson and his wife are chronicling all of those ups and downs in a ...

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    Featured: Top 10 Most Evil Looking Classic Cars

    There's no question that cars have their own distinct personas, especially older cars of the classic variety. Some cars ooze utilitarian functionality, some cars ooze cute and bubbly, and some cars ooze sinister looking, evil design. In 2015 it's easy to lose sight of some of these classic ...

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    Video: Xcar shows how to drive the Ford Model T

    A few weeks ago Xcar posted a teaser review of the Ford Model T, a look at what the British duo would have been doing if they'd been doing their thing for 100 years. Now we have their complete, 12-minute take on the what might be, as they say, "arguably the most important car of the 20th ...

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    Video: Jay Leno says bonjour to his 1971 Citroën DS

    "Quirky," "bizarre" and "weird" are all perfect adjectives to describe the Citroën DS, but you should also add "innovative" and "legendary" to that list. This week's journey into Jay Leno's Garage shows why these unusual French sedans might not fit into the traditional definition of beauty, ...

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    Video: '84 MotorWeek Cherokee, Bronco and Blazer comparison indulges your SUV nostalgia

    These days, truck-based, full-frame SUVs are somewhat of a rarity on the auto landscape due to the rapid rise in popularity of easier-driving, car-based crossovers. Although, without the gradually building popularity of these chunky, high-riding vehicles decades ago, it's unlikely that America's ...

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    Featured: 2015 Autosport International Performance Car Show

    If you are interested in racing, chances that you know the British magazine Autosport. Each year the magazine organizes Autosport International, one of the biggest high performance and race car shows on the planet in the city of Birmingham, England. When talking about race cars, the range of ...

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    Video: One man's love of vintage Honda motorcycles spawns new museum

    In 1977, David Silver got a Honda SS50 moped - it was the last year of unrestricted mopeds for riders just 16 years of age in the UK. That two-wheeler made him a fan, and starting his Honda parts business in 1986 made him a part of the Honda family. He started collecting, with the idea that he'd ...

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    Video: Just the right Camaro can change your life

    Not many people can say that their car directly motivated them into a career, but that's exactly the case for Adam Martin and his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that he calls Lucy. Martin bought the pony car in primer when he was just 16, and it helped foster his profession in restoring classic ...

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    Video: Harry Metcalfe shows off his Lamborghini Countach

    Harry Metcalfe may no longer be editing the Evo magazine he founded, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still have octane pumping through his veins – or that he isn't still producing world-class automotive content. In this latest video released on his YouTube channel Harry's Garage, Metcalfe ...