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    Detroit: Ford F-150 Raptor gets EcoBoost V6, new chassis and aluminum body [w/video]

    Our Autoblog staff universally love the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, and the truck's about to get even better. Coming in the fall of 2016 (we'd assume as a 2017 model), the next off-road-ready pickup from Ford will boast an all-new, purpose-built, high-strength steel frame and a lightweight aluminum ...

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    Official: GMC introduces Canyon Nightfall Edition for the steathly and stylish

    It may be just now arriving at dealers, but the 2015 GMC Canyon has just received its very first special edition trim, although the stealthy Nightfall Edition is, in the greater scheme of aesthetic upgrades, pretty basic. GMC has blacked out the truck's grille and side steps, added a spray-in ...

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    Video: Fireworks truck explodes in massive pileup of 100+ vehicles [w/video]

    A blast of wintry weather last night caused an explosive car pileup this morning on Interstate 94 in Michigan that at most recent count, claimed well over 100 vehicles, left one Canadian trucker dead and many, many more injured. As if things weren't bad enough already, two of the trucks involved ...

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    Official: 2016 Toyota Tacoma shows its face ahead of Detroit debut

    Here's your first full look at the 2016 Toyota Tacoma ahead of its debut at next week's Detroit Auto Show. No details have been released just yet, but at first blush, the revised Taco looks to be a much-needed step forward for the Japanese midsize pickup. We like the chiseled, modern face of the ...

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    Video: Man spent $75 on a truck that lasted 38 years

    Absurd as it is, some buyers today are worried about getting their car to last throughout the term of their seven-year lease or car loan. Minnesota resident Bob Sportel has the opposite issue: his trusty (and rusty) Chevrolet truck seemingly won't die. Sportel needed a cheap ride to get to work ...

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    Video: Son surprises his dad by restoring his classic 1949 GMC pickup

    Norman Meal, an 83-year-old retired farmer nearly missed his big Christmas gift when his son, Kyle, first presented it to him. Norman was oblivious and was looking all over the garage floor until Kyle pointed out a satin black pickup with a bow on it parked inside. This wasn't just another case ...

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    Video: Nissan Titan Truckumentary looks back through the brand's trucks [w/video]

    In a prologue last month, Nissan promised us more of its Titan Truckumentary in December, and here it is. This is a set-the-stage episode, surveying the brand's truck history in North America from the 1960 Datsun 1200, one of the first vehicles it sold here, to the first truck it manufactured ...

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    Video: Good Samaritan helps save holidays, as FedEx truck drops packages on highway

    A few people around Colorado might notice some dings and maybe some tire marks on the boxes of their holiday presents. But they might not have gotten the gifts at all, were it not for a conscientious driver. The kindly stranger in question came up the road to find a FedEx truck with its door ...

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    Official: 2015 Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 fills an F-150 Raptor-sized void

    Ford is rumoured to possibly debut a new F-150 Raptor at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show in January, but whether that's the case or not, Hennessey Performance is ready to fill the muscle truck niche now with its latest VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged based on the 2015 F-150. The fantastically named ...

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    Teased: 2016 Toyota Tacoma teased again

    Toyota is following up its muddy teaser of the back of the 2016 Tacoma with a dusty new one that shows the truck's face for the first time. Without seeing more of the pickup, it's impossible to make any educated judgments, but the company appears to be taking the Taco's styling in a new ...