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    Review: 2014 Zero S and SR

    I recently learned how to summon the ultimate power of the universe. Perhaps surprisingly, it didn't come about by bending a knee or popping a potion, but rather, through twisting my wrist. I'll tell you more about this revelation, but first, a confession. Faithful readers may suspect that I am ...

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    Green: Totaled Tesla Model S is a case of buyer beware

    Getting a Tesla Model S for just $50,000 is a steal, but when it's a salvage title car and was written off as totaled by an insurance company, the bargain might not be worth the headache. That's what a San Diego man is learning now that he's having trouble getting his fancy but damaged electric ...

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    Featured: BEHIND THE SCENES: We obsessively cover H2O International 2014

    H2O International (H2Oi) is an annual "laid back" two day event held in Ocean City, Maryland, which originally featured all shapes and forms of Volkswagen vehicles and other European makes. These days, this event seems to draw all sorts of import cars and auto enthusiasts from across the US and ...

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    Featured: Top 10 most affordable new cars of 2014

    The top 10 most affordable cars on the market are not necessarily the ones with the cheapest starting sticker prices. Buying a new car is a multiple year commitment, and expenses like repairs, depreciation and fuel mileage can really add to a car's overall cost. Kelley Blue Book recently listed ...

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    Video: Study finds out which country makes the best new cars

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    Motorsport: Formula Drift Seattle 2014: Highlights and Race Results

    Formula Drift threw down in the Pacific Northwest over the weekend to the tune of 145+ km/h mph entry speeds into the 5/8 mile oval of Evergreen Speedway near Seattle, WA. Historically, the venue has produced some highly unpredictable results and first-time podium winners, and this weekend would ...

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    Video: Mechanic crashes customer's rare Ferrari Enzo

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    Video: Man clings to trunk of speeding car on highway

    This sight of a mysterious man clinging to life on the trunk of a speeding car (shown above) might seem strange, but then again so was the video of an Arab man caught texting on the hood of a car on the highway a few months back. Witness Brenda Cruz recorded this bizarre video on her phone upon ...

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    Motorsport: Formula Drift Wall NJ: Highlights and Race Results

    Formula Drift held the fourth round of the 2014 Pro Championship this past weekend in Wall Township, NJ. Wall Stadium Speedway is known for its banked oval track. The course always allows for great sideways excitement, and inevitably some carnage as drivers navigate inches from the guardrails. ...

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    Video: Lucky biker walks away from crazy cartwheel motorcycle crash

    While we've seen bikers survive some pretty outrageous and scary motorcycle crashes before, this shocking crash video caught on camera in Clearwater, FL is simply unbelievable. We're not sure how, but this lucky biker manages to walk away seemingly unharmed from what should have been a horrific ...