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Consumer Electronics Show

WHEN JAN 6-9, 2015 WHERE Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV URL

HIGHLIGHTS: Coolest Cars and Technology from CES 2015

Our friends at Translogic and the glorious gadget geekout-fest known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) go together like digital peanut butter and high-def jelly. At this year's show, surrounded by an egg-shaped Mercedes-Benz concept and the re-introduction of, of all things, the Sony Walkma...

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    Video: Walk around the Tesla Model X EV

    The Tesla Model X alighted on the Panasonic stand at the Consumer Electronics Show. We're still waiting on the production version of the falcon-doored, three-row crossover so this is the pre-production prototype that's been making the rounds for a while; Engadget sat in it two years ago, in fact...

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    Official: Audi Prologue concept drives itself to CES with updated powertrain

    What's the point in crafting a one-off concept car if it only gets to stand in the spotlight at one show? That's what automakers have been asking themselves recently, and the answer has, generally speaking, been to repaint their show cars, give them a bit of new tech and put them back on center ...

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    Report: Car buyers willing to spend up to $1,500 for high-tech options

    New car buyers are paying more and more attention to the infotainment systems all the time, placing increasing value on items like USB ports and smartphone connectivity. But how much would the average consumer be willing to spend on an enticing new piece of tech when buying a new car? Up to $...

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    Official: Mercedes reveals F 015 Luxury in Motion concept at CES [w/videos]

    Whatever you think of the idea, autonomous vehicles are emerging as the way of the future in the automotive industry, and Mercedes is showing its vision for that driverless destiny with the F 015 concept at CES this week. Billed as Luxury in Motion, the F 015 first popped onto our radar back ...

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    Official: VW previews huge screens, gesture control with Golf R Touch Concept at CES

    Volkswagen is showing off the future of infotainment and connected driving at CES 2015 with a fleet of concepts that highlight its latest technology. According to its displays, the coming years might mean gesture-based vehicle controls and electric cars that drive themselves to find their own ch...

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    Official: Hyundai previews new infotainment system ahead of CES

    One of the most common refrains in the world of automotive infotainment is that soon, smartphone-enabled infotainment systems would come to dominate the industry. We've seen some progress in this regard, with a number of automakers offering apps and services that take advantage of a driver's sma...

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    Official: BMW to show car that can park itself in a multi-story garage at CES

    Automatic parking systems are something of a novelty, in their present form. Sure, modern parallel parking systems work well enough. And they're great if you lack the special awareness required to complete such a task. But frankly, how often is the average owner of such a system in a position to...

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    Video: Sway Motorsports unveils trick leaning electric three-wheeler

    The list of three-wheeled vehicles available in North America is a small but interesting one, with standout curiosities from the likes of Morgan and Ural immediately springing to mind. Of those various part-motorcycle-part-car machines, only a handful allow the occupants to lean in turns, with t...