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2012 chevrolet silverado

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    Report: GM's next-gen pickup plans force dealers into one of two camps

    Most General Motors dealers make their living off selling pickup trucks. (That's why when it came time to trim the brands and reorganize under bankruptcy, GMC survived and Pontiac didn't – because Buick dealers needed to have a truck to sell, not a full-size muscle sedan from Australia.) ...

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    Video: Chevy Silverado takes shot at Ford in apocalyptic Super Bowl ad

    Chevrolet continues its onslaught of Super Bowl ads released before this Sunday's big game, clearly hoping that volume plays in its favour when the points are tallied by marketing analysts on Monday. Today's commercial, entitled "2012," stars the Chevrolet Silverado in a post-apocalyptic world. ...

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    Video: Chevy dealer calls on new pickups to help remodel showroom

    Pickup trucks and demolition are like the Reese's Cups in a Manly Man's diet: two great tastes that taste great together. John Watson Chevrolet in Utah whipped up its own treat when it needed to accelerate the deconstruction of its old building, grabbing four Silverado pickups of various ...

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    2012 Chevrolet Silverado gets slight redesign

    General Motors has quietly rolled out a mild refresh for the 2012 Chevrolet Silverado. Buyers who lay down the cash for the new pickup will enjoy a slightly reworked nose complete with a chrome mesh grille with a chrome surround on LS and LT trims, and two-wheel drive trucks will feature an ...