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    Video: Chris Harris drives the Ferrari 458 Spider like an "idiot"

    Chris Harris gets to abuse his fair share of cars that we can only dream about driving, so why not add the Ferrari 458 Spider to that list. After somehow borrowing the keys to a Ferrari-owned 458 Spider, Harris spends about five minutes driving the 570-horsepower, open-air supercar like an ...

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    Official: Chrysler UConnect wins AOL Autos Technology of the Year Award

    The first annual AOL Autos Technology of the Year Award has been won by Chrysler's upgraded UConnect system. Over 35 entries were considered and narrowed down to six finalists in three categories: Connectivity, Telematics and Active Safety. The judges, which included editors from AOL Autos, ...

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    Featured: Autoblog Canada's Best of 2012

    We've been doing this Autoblog thing for a while, so we know that our bread and butter is obsessively covering the news that happens across the entire automotive spectrum, day in and day out. But that doesn't mean we haven't published a whole lot of other great stuff throughout the year – ...

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    Video: Best crazy crash videos of 2012

    Selecting the best crazy crash videos of 2012 sure wasn't easy. This year's crop of dangerous drivers and freak accidents could easily be one of our best yet, as it took us a while to whittle down the list of our most memorable crashes of 2012. From distracted driving to outrageous stunts gone ...

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    Review: Top 10 supercar reviews of 2012

    The hectic life of an automotive journalist sure ain't easy, but we can't complain about getting the keys to many of the world's most exotic supercars. When it comes to picking personal favourites, it's often as hard as asking a parent to choose the child they love most. From our road trip in a ...

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    Quick Spin: 2013 MINI John Cooper Works Roadster

    It looks like 2012 was certainly the year of the MINI for Autoblog Canada. After a trio of press events and more than few press loaners, we were behind the wheel of nearly every conceivable body style and trim offered. Earlier this year we had a chance to flog the Cooper S Coupe, then Cooper S ...

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    Official: Ford F-Series sells 100,000 trucks for the first time in Canada

    There's no doubt the legendary Ford F-150 is the long-standing king of trucks, as the F-Series has held the title of Canada's favourite truck for 46 consecutive years! But the big news here is Ford Canada's record-breaking 100,000 F-Series pick-ups sold here this year, a feat that has never been ...

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    Review: 2012 Jaguar XJL Supercharged

    The Largest of Cats Has Power and Presence When it comes to the finer things in life, it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to six-figure luxury sedans. There is most certainly a lot to choose from theses days. Although we'll admit the sleek Jaguar XJ isn't exactly the most popular option ...

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    Video: Mosler Raptor GTR unveils the Suicide 1212 package

    When Mosler announced that their Raptor GTR would be a one-off unit back in October it seemed pretty clear that this would be the last we would be hearing from the Florida-based boutique supercar company, but it seems they have one more trick up their sleeve. Accompanied by a bizarre video, and ...

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    Quick Spin: 2012 Scion IQ Five Axis Edition

    Okay, we'll be the first to admit the Scion iQ isn't exactly aimed at spirited driving enthusiasts. However, the tuning experts at Five Axis are attempting to change that one micro car at a time, starting with Scion and this sporty iQ Five Axis Edition. Although the tiny hatch already attracts ...