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    Video: Drifting accident causes Nissan 240SX to cough up a coil spring

    We've seen more drifting accidents than we care to count as the motorsport has gained traction here over the last 11 years. Everything from high-dollar Formula D and D1 cars to budget backyard bashers have been balled up at tracks and parking lots across North America. But it seems, some wannabe ...

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    Video: Drifting, how hard can it be? Drift Idiot finds out

    "My name is Sam Nalven and I know almost nothing about drifting."
    We've all seen it on TV or on the world wide web, some have tried it, some of it live and breathe it, some are drift-curious, some hate it and some will never understand it. Sam Nelvin (aka, Drift Idiot), loves drifting but ...

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    Featured: How the V8 became the drifting engine of choice

    Early privately-owned drift cars were fitted with with either turbocharged Nissan Japanese-spec 240SX motors (the Silvia SR20 turbo-4) or turbocharged Toyota 2JZ (six-cylinder) powerplants from Supras. They were easy to work on, reliable, and they produced plenty of the wheel-spinning power ...

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    Report: Nissan renews talk of sub-370Z sports car, is this the S16?

    Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S got you excited? Well, it appears the new Toyobaru twins might be moving the needle at other automakers, too. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the pair may have challenged Nissan to once again reinvestigate its on-again, off-again plans for an affordable, ...

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    Video: Watch this Nissan 240SX roll during a drifting exhibition

    Probably the less said about this video, the better. According the video uploader, the event takes place during the "Still Ballin' Car Club Nite Out" (yes, really), but we aren't sure if it's a proper race or just for show. Heck, we can't even figure out where the event took place. At any rate, ...

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    Video: Bloodmasters trailer puts a new spin on drifting

    We have certainly seen our share of drifting videos over the last ten years from sources all over the world. We're OG enough to have watched Option videos from Japan even when we couldn't understand a word they were saying and witness the early documentaries here. As the motorsport progressed on ...

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    Nissan's Mazda Miata rival back in the works?

    Nissan's on-again, off-again MX-5 Miata rival is... on again, at least according to the blokes at Auto Express. What form a potential two-door sporty coupe from Nissan may take – if it happens at all – is still widely debatable; it could be as simple as a cut-down Sentra or as crazy ...