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    Featured: Geneva reveals that 2013 Alfa Romeo 4C is pretty, just don't look it in the eyes

    Ferrari isn't the only company with a mid-engined Italian machine at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Alfa Romeo finally unveiled the 2013 4C, complete with a turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine mounted mid-ship. While no power figures are available at the moment, the engine is a version ...

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    Official: Alfa Romeo shares tasty new 4C sports car pics including interior

    Alfa Romeo released most of the details on its new 4C sports coupe a couple of weeks ago, but they only included a few images to paw over. Now we're finally getting to see some more shots of the car, including our first official look at the interior. The glimpse inside the 4C shows us details we ...

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    Report: Alfa Romeo 4C will hit top-selling Fiat dealerships first

    When Alfa Romeo makes its triumphant return to the North America with the all-new 4C by the end of this year, it appears that some customers could have a hard time getting their hands on one of these sporty little coupes. Automotive News is reporting that not all Fiat dealers will be getting Alfa ...

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    Official: Alfa Romeo 4C appears uncovered before Geneva debut

    Just a day after we got our first good look inside the cockpit of the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C, the slinky coupe that will bring the Alfa brand back to North America, the Italian company has given us a few images and a lot of information about the model. And boy, do we mean "model." The 4C can trace ...

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    Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo 4C spy shots reveal production interior

    In advance of the Alfa Romeo 4C going on sale for the 2014 model year, it looks like engineers are getting some time with the coupe we spotted on North American soil. This new set of spy photographs was captured on Michigan roads and it happens to give us our best look yet at the Alfa's ...

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    Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo 4C spied in the sun

    It's been almost two years since we first saw the 2011 Alfa Romeo 4C Concept, but the sporty coupe looks like it's getting its final touches before going on sale – at some point this year. Judging by these spy shots, the production version of the 2014 4C will retain many of the concept's ...

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    Official: Chrysler earns US$1.7B in 2012, revises product plans

    Hot on the heels of Ford's earnings announcement for the year that was, Chrysler today reported a 2012 net income of US$1.7 billion, up substantially from the comparatively minuscule $183 million profit earned in 2011 when it repaid its US government loans. Chrysler's good year ended with an ...

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    Report: Marchionne on Alfa's North American return, Dodge Dart's powertrain weakness and minivan plans

    As a reporter covering an auto show, the one opportunity you never want to miss is going to the Sergio Marchionne press briefing. "This undertaking to bring Alfa back is a one-shot deal... We are not going to do this twice." There just aren't that many real characters left in the auto ...

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    Teased: Alfa Romeo teases 4C, confirms 2013 arrival

    Any time you open up your promotion for a new vehicle with the claim of a "car to end all cars," you better have the goods to back it up. If any automaker has said goods, it is Alfa Romeo. The brand behind the stunning 8C has promised a new car to debut in 2013. We all know that vehicle will be ...

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    Report: Alfa Romeo North American rebirth delayed... again!

    Alfa Romeo has been threatening to re-enter the North American market for a while now, and the latest word, via Automotive News, is that Alfa has whiplashed back to being off again, for now. Then there's that thing about Volkswagen maybe buying Alfa from parent Fiat, though that's also likely on ...