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    Rumormill: BMW mulling potential 9 Series production

    Nine months may be long enough to bring another human being into the world, but it may take BMW a bit longer to make up its mind on the production of a potential 9 Series model. The idea was first mooted when the Bavarian automaker presented the Vision Future Luxury concept at the Beijing Motor ...

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    Official: 2015 BMW 1 Series facelift revealed [w/video]

    While we don't get the BMW 1 Series at all in North America anymore, European buyers are getting a refresh of the luxury compact hatchback for the new year. Unlike the German brand's recent work on the 6 Series, the work is actually noticeable and improves things nicely. Up front, BMW keeps the ...

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    Report: BMW i3 called 'most revolutionary car' since Ford Model T

    The Ultimate Driving Machine, or at least one of them, may also be the Ultimate Engineering Success. Consultant Munro & Associates, which specializes in automotive tear-down analysis, pretty much said as much when taking an under-the-skin look at the BMW i3 plug-in. In short, the firm liked ...

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    Report: Next BMW M5 could go all-wheel drive

    Franciscus van Meel had been a part of Audi AG management since 1996, in positions including chassis development and vehicle project director. In 2012 he was named managing director of Quattro GmbH - headquarters for personal favourites like the RS6 Avant and R8 - but he lasted just two years ...

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    Video: Automobile Advertising of the Year Award Winners

    There was some absolutely fantastic auto advertising in 2014, ranging from funny to inspiring. Marking the best of it from the past year, the Second Annual One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Awards were announced during the 2015 Detroit Auto Show (full disclosure: Autoblog was among the ...

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    Video: Lexus NX, BMW i3 to get 2015 Super Bowl commercials

    At this point last year, we'd been getting news on automotive-focused Super Bowl commercials for more than two months. The teasers hadn't come out yet, but manufacturers lined up for the super-expensive spots were making their intentions known. This year? Almost nada, until this week. BMW has ...

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    Detroit: Refreshed BMW 6 Series sports an understated redesign in Detroit, just look hard to see it [w/video]

    BMW is keeping its refresh for the 2015 6 Series family very subtle. The tweaks amount to an understated nose job for the luxury models and some new standard tech, as well. The Bavarian brand is definitely not going too far with this redesign for the vehicles, and they even remain mechanically ...

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    Report: Next-gen BMW 7 Series options include 'Sky Lounge' roof, leather engine cover

    When it comes to luxury and technology, the theme of the next-generation BMW 7 Series appears to be 'everything, everywhere.' Two of the new options joining what will be an extensive list are the Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof, said to be a nod going all the way back to the Concept 5 Series Gran ...

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    Video: This family has a trio of beautiful BMW E28 5 Series

    The Caccavo family is not like yours. They're actually far, far cooler. Rather than dad driving a pickup, mom piloting a crossover and son getting about in a clapped-out compact, each member of the family has their very own second-generation BMW 5 Series. Father Dean's M5, mom DonnaRae's 528e ...

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    Video: Xcar celebrates 100-year anniversary with Model T tribute

    Never mind the fact that XCar hasn't been making videos for the last 100 years, the British duo have gone all silent-moving-pictures in order to make their centenary case for the Ford Model T, a car that was already seven years old in 1915. It's not a review, but a mostly sepia-tinged look at ...