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Canadian Tire

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    Featured: Winter tires vs. all season: When and why to make the switch

    It's that time of year again, as we prepare for the winter driving season and many drivers debate when (and if) they should switch to winter tires. Automobile technology is changing and cars are performing better because of things like ABS brakes and traction control. Still, those features are ...

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    Exclusive: Piloti back on track with new owner Canadian Tire, new shoes

    A longtime favourite of racing drivers, enthusiasts and automotive journalists alike, Piloti emerged in 1999 to provide a unique line of driving shoes for both on-track use and off. Yet despite their popularity in the automotive marketplace, the brand disappeared a couple of years ago after the ...

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    Video: Canadian Tire builds fully functional ice truck powered by MotoMaster

    No the Canadian Tire ice truck you see here isn't one of the victims from Toronto's recent ice storm, what you're looking at is actually a running, driving, full-size pickup truck crafted out of solid blocks of ice for Canadian Tire's coolest commercial yet. Although this highly detailed and ...

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    Canada: Winter tires versus all seasons, make the switch before snow

    For many years, winter tire technology remained nearly unchanged. Those old knobby bias ply tires seemed to be around for decades and typically were only put on the rear of many vehicles. In today's rapid-paced environment, cars (and people) need to move fast and safely. More recently, winter ...

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    Featured: Canadian Tire launches iPad app to help schedule the car lifecycle [w/video]

    In an attempt to stand out from the numerous useless retailer apps currently on the market, Canadian Tire has just launched a new iPad app aimed directly at drivers from gearheads to general commuters across the country. Aside from the typical online catalogue, flyers and store locator, the new ...

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    Featured: We hit the hockey rink to find the best tires for Winter

    Back in the day, when we still used bias ply tires, we didn't have much choice when it came to seasonal tires. Then came the advent of the snow tire. Still made of hard rubber compounds, they offered deeper treads with open tread blocks that allowed the tire to bite down into the snow, more like ...

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    Featured: Getting to know snow tire laws in your province [UPDATE]

    [UPDATE] We've written an updated version of this article to include all the provinces in Canada and to reflect the changes in the snow and winter tire laws in Canada. Some of the changes may directly affect you. Since Transport Quebec introduced a law making winter tires mandatory in December, ...

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    Canadian Tire launches innovative online tire store

    Canadian Tire has released a new online tire database that makes finding the right rollers for your car a breeze. The site,, gives customers more than 8,000 tires and wheels, all for your car's pleasure. You can shop by tire brand, vehicle make and model, and by ...