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    Official: BMW bringing special Horse Edition 7 Series to Beijing

    The Beijing Motor Show is just a couple of weeks away, and BMW wouldn't miss out on the opportunity to show off its latest wares to one of its most vital markets. So when the doors open in Beijing, BMW will showcase the new 2 Series Active Tourer, 2 Series Coupe, M3 and M4, 4 Series Gran Coupe ...

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    Report: Volkswagen making its cheapest new car for around $9,000?

    When is comes to the cheapest new cars in Canada and around the world, we know that consumers are willing to give up some creature comforts for solid, basic transportation. Soon, Nissan will follow a similar path with the launch of its 2014 Nissan Micra right here in Canada and the re-launch of ...

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    Report: How more EV sales in North America is hurting China's environment

    One of the bigger knocks against hybrid and electric vehicles is that while they don't directly produce much in the way of harmful emissions (if they make any at all), the process of building their electric motors and batteries can be very, very bad for the environment. Take graphite, for ...

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    Followup: Disgraced Chinese supplier claims it has been wronged by Aston Martin

    In what could be called a case of carma, the Chinese plastic supplier that forced Aston Martin to recall about 75 per cent of its production since 2007 now says that it has lost about most of its customers and is facing financial ruin. Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co. produced the accelerator ...

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    Report: 'Ferrari' is an oft-banned search term in China, but why?

    The Internet has been a boon for car enthusiasts; after all, information about any car ever made is available at a few taps of the keyboard, whenever you'd like. Unfortunately, some Chinese motor heads are not quite as lucky because "state censors" have been intermittently banning searches for ...

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    Report: Cadillac developing stretched ATS-L just for China

    To luxury automakers, long-wheelbase sedans are to China that crossovers and SUVs are to North America, so it isn't all that surprising any more when the latest sedan gets an extra couple of inches between the wheels to improve rear-seat comfort. According to Car News China, the next sedan to get ...

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    Official: Jaguar C-X17 resurfaces in China with gold finish, five-seat cabin [w/video]

    Some concept cars make the rounds of the auto shows and are then retired. But a number of automakers are showing that a fresh coat of paint can go a long way towards rejuvenating a show car and giving it a new lease on life – at least as far as the auto show circuit is concerned. Lexus did ...

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    Video: Flying van crashes over barrier, nearly decapitates scooter rider

    Okay, we're not quite sure where to start with this crash video clip. As motorcycle riders (as well as car drivers) here at Autoblog Canada, we're conditioned to be on the constant lookout for danger at every intersection. When you're on two wheels and without the added protection of a modern car ...

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    Video: Swerving truck driver in China cheats death in close call disaster

    As strange as it may sound, we've actually seen several shocking close call disasters from China before, including a bus driver who survived a deadly pole crashing through his windshield and this video of the luckiest motorcyclist in China. But this most recent video stars a fortunate truck ...

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    Report: This guy disguised a Hyundai as a Lamborghini and tried to sell it for 16K

    We have seen out fair share of kooky car ads, replica cars and weird eBay ads, and this guy in China is certainly up there with the best of them. Business Insider reports that a man in China decided to take a Hyundai of some sort and proceed to make a replica of a Lamborghini Aventador, no ...