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    Featured: Cardboard Ecto-1 Halloween costume follows last year's DeLorean

    There are parents who take there kids trick-or-treating, and then there are Cooper's parents, who built him the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters with a push cart and put together a costume for him to match it. It only makes sense because last year the toddler rolled around the neighborhood demanding ...

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    Featured: MINI congratulates Porsche on 911 50th anniversary

    The folks at Porsche sure know how to throw a good party for the legendary 911 (which, by the way turns 50 this year), as thoughtful birthday gifts continue to pour in from everyone including this awesome vintage photoshoot from close pal and fellow automotive icon Mini. We can only assume the ...

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    MINI lineup could expand to include up to 10 models, still no hope for Rocketman

    During an event in Ponce, Puerto Rico last week where Mini introduced members of the media to the 2013 Paceman and John Cooper Works GP, product planners discussed that the brand's lineup could expand to eventually include up to 10 bodystyles. Currently, the Mini range consists of seven models: ...

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    Quick Spin: 2014 MINI John Cooper Works GP

    About three weeks prior to this brief yet balls-to-the-wall drive on the Spanish island of Mallorca, I saw that Mini USA announced pricing for the keenly anticipated Mini John Copper Works GP. And that number would be – *a-hem* – US$39,950 for starters. The Canadian pricing for the ...

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    Spy Shots: Mini Cooper five-door exists and has been spotted

    The two-door Mini Cooper is getting two additional portals in its next generation. A coming five-door Cooper S with central exhaust has been spotted out testing, the idea being that it will pose a better challenge to other small, premium hatches in the segment like the A1 Sportback. Based on the ...

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    Featured: Parents create cardboard DeLorean for son's amazing Back to the Future Halloween costume

    This is Cooper. Cooper has awesome parents. Cooper's parents made his stroller/push-car into the time-traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future. Yes, we are very jealous of this tot. According to his mother Cory, who published pics of her son's awesome costume and matching car on Flickr, the ...

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    Paris: 2013 Mini John Cooper Works GP marks the return of something awesome

    For the past six years, members of the Autoblog team have been dreaming of a return of the Mini John Cooper Works GP kit. We fell head-over-heels in love with the two-seat hot hatch when it launched in limited production in 2006, and we're happy to say that our little baby is back. Feast your ...

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    Official: Mini Paceman debuts online, this time for real

    No more cleverly arranged leaks, this is the real thing: official info on the Mini Paceman and enough photos to choke Getty Images. More than merely a Countryman sans two doors, the Paceman is restylized with a sloping roof, horizontal taillights, it sits lower and gets sleek rear glass over ...

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    Official: Mini releases official John Cooper Works GP details

    Our hot hatch dreams have come true. Mini will officially unveil the 2013 John Cooper Works GP hardtop at the 2012 Paris Motor Show later this month, and the automaker has released the official specs – as well as a brace of new images – revealing that earlier speculation was indeed ...

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    Report: Leaked Mini Cooper JCW GP specs suggest 218 HP, fully adjustable suspension

    Mini officially unveiled the John Cooper Works GP back in March but it has yet to release any official specs or details about its limited-production hot hatch. Fortunately, the folks over at have apparently stumbled upon some leaked spec sheets for the European version of the ...