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Cross Coupe

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    Featured: Volkswagen Cross Coupé Concept arrives at Toronto Auto Show

    The VW Cross Coupe is based on Volkswagen's new Modular Transverse Matrix and roundly showcases styling elements that will make their way onto future Volkswagen crossovers. Being one of the more understated concept cars at the show, it looks more 'believable' and closer to production the many of ...

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    Official: Volkswagen revisits Cross Coupé concept for Geneva, now with PHEV drivetrain

    The Volkswagen Cross Coupe is back and headed to the Geneva Motor Show this week, this time with an innovative diesel hybrid drivetrain under the hood. Details are scarce at the moment, but the company says a TDI engine works in conjunction with not one, but two electric motors to propel the ...

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    Report: VW Cross Coupé concept presages 2014 Evoque rival [w/video]

    Turns out the Volkswagen Cross Coupé concept shown off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show was for testing audience reaction. And apparently the reaction was positive enough to the integrated grille and sloping hindquarters that the picaresque four-door SUV could inspire a production version ...

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    Tokyo: Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept looks slick, is not a coupe

    Let's get one thing straight: This is not a coupe. Not even close. But ever since BMW kicked off the bastardization of the word 'coupe' with its X6 crossover, automakers seem to think that any vehicle with a sloped roofline can be classified by this word that has always been – and should ...

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    Official: Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept hints at future SUV design

    Volkswagen will unveil a new CUV concept at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show this week. The Cross Coupe concept is the first vehicle, concept or otherwise, that we've seen ride on the company's new modular transverse matrix architecture. More importantly, it may give us an indication of what to expect ...