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    Report: Chrysler to reveal next minivan at 2016 Detroit Auto Show

    All eyes in the industry are presently fixed on this year's Detroit Auto Show, but over at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, they're already looking towards next year's show. That's when the Italian-American automaker says it'll unveil the next Chrysler minivan. The announcement, made on the FCA ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S P85D shows 707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat how to drag race

    Street Car Drags hosted a bang-up event at the Palm Beach International Raceway last weekend, with a list of massive horsepower ICE cars going up against one another and a trio of Tesla Model S P85Ds. One of those duels pitted the 691-horsepower Tesla against a 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT ...

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    Report: Jay Leno's Dodge Challenger raises $585k at auction

    Of all the metal moved at Gooding & Company auction in Scottsdale, AZ, this weekend, the one you see here was hardly the most expensive. But it's noteworthy for another reason: despite being a relatively humble, second-hand 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8, raised an impressive US$565,625. That's ...

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    Featured: Highway To Hellcat: We drive from Dallas to Vegas with 2,000 horsepower

    Fort Davis, TX. Early November. Late Sunday afternoon. The 1,200 residents of this small town are using their day of rest to quietly enjoy the breeze rolling off the hills. There's an older couple walking down the street, holding hands. A young lady working at a general store, where milkshakes ...

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    Event Alert: Buyer says Dodge dealer gave him wrong Charger, failed to notice for 2 months

    Mistakes happen, and they happen all the time. But when that mistake means a customer doesn't get what he or she paid for, something's gotta give. That's what one Dodge Charger buyer claims he is trying to sort out with his local dealership. Two months after taking delivery, the owner (going by ...

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    Report: Top searched-for cars on Google in 2014

    With less than two weeks until 2014 takes its final bow, anyone and everyone is looking back on the past 50 or so weeks to see how they stacked up. For search giant Google, that means its time to check out its annual Trends report. Besides the most popular search term (the late, great Robin ...

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    Official: 2015 Dodge Challenger crash test results slip from last year's model

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released the results of its latest round of crash testing, announcing that the 2015 Dodge Challenger has netted a five-star overall crash rating. Of course, Chrysler won't want us to tell you this, but that NHTSA overall rating is not the ...

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    Official: Ward's announces 10 Best Engines 2015

    Ward's Auto has named its 10 Best Engines for 2015, covering a range of powerplants from impressive and economic fuel-sippers to amazing and powerful fire-breathers. "We spend a lot of time reading the powertrain tea leaves throughout the auto industry, and we're proud that this year's list is a ...

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    Video: This SEMA special drag race is absurdly awesome

    The SEMA show came and went last month, and it showed us a ton of heavily modded goodies to dream about during the long, cold winter. The Motor Trend Channel on YouTube is keeping the party rolling a little longer, though, with a drag race inspired by the aftermarket event. All of the hosts were ...

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    Video: Watch dual-engined Dodge SRT4 do a FWD burnout, a RWD burnout, then AWD launch

    There's something fantastically insane about racers who go out on their own and build something unique. Just take this crazy video from last year of a twin-engine Dodge SRT4 at a drag strip that can burn the rubber at either end – or both ends – at a moment's notice. With tires ...