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    Report: Lotus bankruptcy case dismissed in UK

    Times have not been easy for Lotus lately, so when its name came up on a list of companies scheduled for a liquidation court, it seemed like the end could be near for the fabled British builder of lightweight sports cars. As it turns out, Lotus was on the Companies Court Winding Up list in the UK ...

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    Official: Lotus announces race-ready Exige V6 Cup and Cup R

    Lotus has pulled off the wraps on two new versions of the Exige: the V6 Cup and the V6 Cup R. Based on the Exige S, the V6 Cup is built to be a dual-purpose street and track machine. The 0-60 (0-96 km/h) dash should take just under 3.8 seconds thanks to a full 345 horsepower from a supercharged ...

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    Official: Lotus announces new Exige V6 Cup racer

    The Lotus Exige is once of the most focused race cars that you can purchase on the market today, but for those individuals who desire to track the mid-engined racer, Lotus has released its latest no-frills, all-go racecar: the Exige V6 Cup. The Exige Cup features a supercharged 3.5-litre V6 ...

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    Breaking: Lotus model development on lockdown as company looks to change hands

    Lotus has put a halt to all development of future models. The news comes after the Malaysian government sold its controlling stake in Lotus parent company Proton. According to EVO, the company's takeover regulations require all involved parties to enter into a "lockdown" wherein anything outside ...

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    Report: Lotus Exige to get V6 power, Esprit gets optional hybrid

    Autocar has the skinny on the next-generation Lotus Exige and Esprit. Dany Bahar, Group Lotus chief executive, dropped a few details on both models while speaking to the publication about the renewal of his contract with the sports car maker. Bahar has signed on with Lotus for another four ...

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    2012 Lotus Exige S squares off for The Duel

    Lotus has rolled out a new trailer for the company's Exige S. Those who are easily tired by flashy cuts and metaphor may want to skip this one, as it pits the supercharged V6 hellion against a boxer. No, not a Porsche or Subaru boxer engine. An actual boxer, as in, a pugilist. Our brows may be a ...

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    Lotus Exige R-GT looks Group B fantastic for the modern era

    Lotus has continually stated that it has big plans for the future. One of those being a return to the rallying world, and it will do just that with the all-new Lotus Exige R-GT. Sitting on the Frankfurt floor, the R-GT evokes visions of classic rally cars while also providing a showcase of Lotus' ...

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    Lotus teaser for Frankfurt. What the F... indeed.

    Lotus is getting ready to put on a show in Frankfurt, and the automaker has released a teaser video to provide some insight into its auto show plans. Apparently Lotus has hired a David Lynch wannabe to direct it's latest video, because we're not exactly sure what's going on here. We don't even ...

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    Next-gen Lotus Exige comes into focus

    It looks like the next-generation Lotus Exige will borrow a few styling elements from the Evora. Our army of spy photographers managed to snap a closer look at the upcoming Exige successor, and the car boasts a low, wide nose borrowed from its V6 sister. In addition, the canyon-carver wears a ...

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    Lotus Exige Matte Black Final Edition makes stealthy debut

    Another day in Monterey, another debut from Lotus. Recently the British sports car maker unveiled the stunning Evora GTE Road Car Concept, and now they have pulled the wraps off the Exige Matte Black Final Edition, a special model reserved exclusively for the North American market. This isn't ...