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    Report: Only 940 cars torched in France this New Year's Eve

    If you love the smell of arson in the morning, we hope you were somewhere in France on New Year's Day. That's when you could have awoken to the charred skeletons of 940 vehicles set alight the night before by restive youth and insurance fraudsters. That's down by either 12 per cent or 21 per cent ...

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    Report: France says diesel cars a 'mistake,' announces phase-out plans

    Anyone even vaguely familiar with the European auto market knows that diesel-fueled vehicles take up a huge portion of the roads there. A combination of high fuel efficiency, useful torque in tightly packed cities, low CO2 emissions and tax incentives all contribute to the popularity. However, ...

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    Report: Theft of Schumacher's medical records linked to helicopter firm

    There's always that person who has to spoil a good thing. We all celebrated when Michael Schumacher emerged from his months-long coma following his skiing accident in late December. As one of the greatest drivers in Formula One history, no one wanted to see Schumi live out the rest of his days in ...

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    Report: French police charge 10 people for warning motorists of speed cameras on Facebook

    Last week, we reported on a man who was ticketed for holding a sign alerting other motorists of a DUI checkpoint. Apparently, the French take their speed cameras every bit as seriously as we take drunk driving. The local prosecutor in the Aveyron department of France is charging 10 people for ...

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    Report: Paris to limit speeds to under 30 km/h

    The short C'etait un Rendezvous might be one of the greatest automotive-related films ever for its ability to capture the excitement of driving at high speeds through Paris in the early morning. However, that movie is increasingly becoming a relic of a lost time, as the City of Lights continues ...

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    Report: Deadmau5 gets driver's license suspended during 2014 Gumball Rally

    Canadian superstar DJ/producer Deadmau5 is currently en route to Ibiza, Spain which is not unusual, though his mode of transport is. Rather than a private jet, Deadmau5 is driving to the Spanish EDM party island in the annual Gumball 3000. Or rather, was after being stopped by French authorities ...

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    Video: Uber taxi vandalized in France despite new law favouring traditional cabbies

    An Uber car transporting execs for app company Eventbrite was attacked during a trip in Paris, indicating that the row between cab drivers and ride-sharing services could be heading to a rather dark place. The attackers, believed by Uber to be disgruntled traditional cabbies, slashed two of the ...

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    Followup: Slight improvement shown in Schumacher's condition

    Michael Schumacher's condition has reportedly improved slightly, but the retired Formula One driver remains in critical condition in a medically induced coma. After doctors at the university hospital in Grenoble observed an improvement in Schumacher's condition late Monday night, they opted to ...

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    Report: Drunken BBQ leads to 64 torched cars [w/video]

    Just in case the shocking video of these exotic cars catching fire in Thailand wasn't a big enough car-b-que for ya, this massive blaze of destruction was recently caught on camera. The phrase "You're doing it wrong," doesn't really even begin to describe this one. We'll admit to being concerned ...

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    Report: Are birds really aware of speed limits on roads?

    A pair of Canadian scientists are claiming that birds understand speed limits. As ludicrous as it sounds, it begins to make sense once you dive a bit deeper into it. See, the two professors, one from the University of Quebec at Rimouski and one from McGill University in Montreal, began studying ...