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    Video: Christmas tree burnout contest helps celebrate the holidays

    With just two days till Christmas, we wanted to spread a little extra holiday cheer... Autoblog style. The holiday season clearly wouldn't be complete without us sharing a ridiculous Christmas tree burnout video we found online. That's right, even the freezing cold temperatures in icy Nebraska ...

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    First Drive: 2013 Acura ILX

    Faint Praise For The World's Nicest Honda Civic Acura has a long and storied history of being an innovator since its creation in 1986. As the first luxury brand from Japan, the marque brought with it the first variable valve timing technology known as VTEC, the first drive-by-wire electronic ...

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    Video: In-car view of Evans Tuning Acura Integra crashing into the eights

    It must be a week for vehicular sacrifice. We've already seen a Lamborghini Gallardo go up in flames in the quest for the gold at the Targa High Country in Australia, but back here on North American soil, Jeff Evans recently pushed his Acura Integra past the limit at the drag strip to break the ...

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    Official: Honda stuns world by showing off surprise new Integra

    %Gallery-138828% Only it's not what you think. Acura won't be rolling out a new performance hatch anytime soon. Instead, Honda Motorcycles has pulled the sheets off of a new two-wheeled Integra model at this year's EICMA show. The vehicle is effectively an overgrown scooter with a 670 cc engine ...

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    Acura preparing Civic-based RSX sedan?

    The Civic has long been a big volume model for Honda. But while it has grown in size and standards of accommodation over the years, us Canadian buyers are the only ones in the world who can get our hands on an Acura version, in the name of the CSX. The CSX was preceded by the EL, also based on ...