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JDM cars

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    Tokyo: HIGHLIGHTS: 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

    Japanese car fans and aftermarket tuning enthusiasts rejoice, as we've got your 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) fix in our mega gallery of JDM madness fresh from the show floor in Japan. As expected, nearly every tuner under the sun rolled out their own heavily modified versions of the most popular ...

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    Video: Thowback Thursday: Mitsubishi EVO Vs. Subaru Impreza

    With Throwback Thursday in full effect, we decided to dig up this classic JDM shootout video featuring two long-time performance car rivals facing off against each other, as the heated battle between Mitsubishi and Subaru has spanned multiple generations. Click here to watch the early years of ...

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    Featured: Skymeet 2013 pays homage to Nissan Skyline GT-R in R32, R33, R34 and R35 flavours

    Since 2006, Skymeet has been the most anticipated event for owners and fans of the legendary Nissan Skyline every summer. As the most winning GT car in history, the Skyline GT-R dominated Japan touring car racing, winning every event for 29 consecutive races spanning four years, making the car ...

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    Exclusive: Nissan Skyline GT-R now available in U.S. under 'Show or Display' rule

    One of the perks for car guys living here in Canada is our 15 year rule for importing cars not available to this market. If a make or model was never offered here, we are exempt from numerous requirements if the imported car has a build date of at least 15 years ago. The law is well-used by ...