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    Video: Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R speed through Jay Leno's Garage

    Jay Leno might be best known as a serious car enthusiast, but the comedian is an equal opportunity type, showing the love for both four and two-wheeled conveyances. That means when a groundbreaking motorcycle like the Kawasaki H2 comes along, it needs to make an appearance on Jay Leno's ...

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    Report: Kawasaki Ninja H2 gets ready for the street as 330-plus km/h track testing continues [w/videos]

    The Kawasaki Ninja H2R superbike was definitely the star of this year's Intermot motorcycle show in Germany. How could it not have been? Packing a supercharged, 1.0-litre four-cylinder with 300 horsepower wrapped in a carbon fiber fairing and a green trellis frame, it's one of the baddest-looking ...

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    Two Wheels: Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a 300-hp supercharged carbon-fibre cruise missile [w/video]

    We don't get to cover the ins and outs of the motorcycle world as much as we'd like, but there was no way we could skip bringing you the latest announcement of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Great Galloping Jesus, does this thing look incredible. The Ninja nameplate has typically been synonymous with ...

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    Official: Kawasaki to reveal supercharged Ninja H2 at Intermot

    It was back in November that we reported on Kawasaki developing a new supercharged motorcycle engine, and now it appears to be ready to make its debut. The bike in question is apparently called the Ninja H2, and it would ostensibly be Kawasaki's flagship superbike – a place currently taken ...

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    Video: Kawasaki recounts the highs and lows of the 2014 Isle of Man TT

    There's no event in the world of motorsports quite like the annual Isle of Man TT. The course is long and treacherous, the scenery breathtaking, the motorcycles fast and the riders like gods on celestial chariots of two wheels. It's an amazing experience, and one that Kawasaki has decided to ...

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    Report: Japanese motorcycles moving into forced induction

    While turbocharging and supercharging may be nothing new in the automotive industry, motorcycle engines are almost always naturally aspirated (we're not forgetting about the old school Kawi GPZs nor the Yamaha XJs, awesome as they were, they never really caught on). But even that's beginning to ...

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    Video: Insane 120-hp, 636cc motorcycle-powered go kart for sale in Toronto

    Have you ever craved the speed of a powerful motorcycle with outrageous handling of a custom go-kart? Well search no more, as this crazy contraption is one of the ultimate power-to-weight ratio machines we've ever seen. And yes, this motorcycle-powered go kart can be yours! Smokey burnouts, ...

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    Video: Audi RS6 ABT destroys Kawasaki ZX-10R in German autobahn shootout

    While this may not be the first (or last) time we see a "What's Faster" battle take place between a powerful car and super-quick motorcycle, this video proves some cars do stand a chance against these lighter and often quicker sport bikes. We're told the ABT tuned Audi RS6 grocery getter in this ...

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    Video: RoboCop's new motorcycle spotted on the streets of Toronto [w/video]

    When it comes to crime-fighting cops, few compare to the awesomeness of RoboCop. So when we spotted this blacked out custom Kawasaki Z1000 on the prowl with our childhood hero behind its handlebars, our prime directive quickly became to find out more. Although the city of Toronto may be a far ...

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    Recalls: Kawasaki recalling 4,000 Ninja models due to dangerous oil leaks

    Kawasaki has issued a recall of its 2011 and 2012 Ninja ZX-10R supersport bikes over an oil leak. The joint where the starter mounts to the crankcase is susceptible to oil leakage, which can lead to oil pooling onto the crankcase and then spilling onto the rear tire. There are 4,170 bikes ...